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   Apr 25

She’s here!!
Clara Isabel Logsdon
April 21, 2007 4:35 pm
7 lbs, 7 1/2 oz 19 1/2″

The “Sampler Delivery”

After much waiting, our little girl has finally arrived. And the labor was eventful, to say the least! It started Thursday night, 8 days after her due date. I started having pretty consistent contractions, five minutes apart. Went to the Dr. that morning, and they checked to make sure my water hadn’t broken (did an ultrasound, which showed Clara as head down, but turned to the side). I was STILL 3 cm, and they sent me home. That night I went in and there had been no progress, other than the fact that I was 90% effaced. Again, home, and I had a very long, sleepless night, with consistent, but not progressively intense, contractions. I was exhausted the next day, and very uncomfortable. Finally, Friday night around dinner Nathan and I decided to go back in.
Again, no major progress–I was still 3 cm and 90% effaced. I was just in more pain. Sheri (our doula), Nathan and I walked all over trying to bring on labor, and seriously discussed my options. Dr. Schelchter was hesitant to admit me, knowing that if I didn’t progress soon, they would need to induce me, which she knew I didn’t want. But I was at the point where I knew I could not go until Wednesday (my scheduled induction date) with the level of pain I was in–it was just enough that I could not rest whatsoever, so I was already exhausted and knew I would not be able to have the stamina for delivery.
So one last ditch effort–instead of going all the way home, we went to Nathan’s parent’s house, which is five minutes away. They have a huge claw-foot tub, and so I soaked in there for a while. After getting out and the contractions getting worse and worse, I went to the bathroom, and peed the equivalent of what about five bladders could hold. Conveniently, my water broke on the toilet, so no mess!
We labored at the house for as long as I could, then went back to triage where it was made official that my water broke and I was truly having this baby!
This started the beginning of a LONG delivery. I officially experienced the sampler platter for all kinds of delivering. I labored for about 12 hours naturally–went through every stage–made it past transition and started pushing. 2 hours into pushing, we were still making no progress. My doula and Nathan were incredible–so were the nurses. They kept me together, because at this point I was really starting to lose it. When Dr. Schlechter came in and I told her transition was nothing compared to pushing, she knew something wasn’t right. So then came the VERY tough part. Clara was not positioned right–she was sunny-side up, and worse yet, the crown of her head was not what was coming out first–she was “looking toward the light,” as Nathan says–she was looking up, so instead of having to just fit the crown through my pelvis and it sliding out, it was the length from her chin to the back of her head–a lot bigger than 10 cm! Dr. Schlechter climbed up in my bed and with all her strength, stuck her whole hand up, and using her legs as leverage, attempted to turn Clara’s head during my contractions. Remember…this is unmedicated!!! OUCH. NO fun. I was utterly exhausted by this point, and Clara’s heartrate started going down. We were both pooped.
Dr. Schlechter was amazing. I thin
k she was more disapointed about my options than I was–she truly wanted me to go natural, and was amazed at how well I had done–she said there was nothing I could have done differently–I was great at pushing, etc. But, Clara was just not budging. With every push, she’d come down, then go back up. My options were to continue as I was–with me tiring out, Clara’s heartrate going up and down, and just see if she would possibly turn, or go ahead with a ceasarean. When I started seeing that Clara was struggling as well, I pretty much lost it–so we opted to just try using an epidural. A few more tries, and still no luck, so we prepped for the ceasarean section.
I was SO EXHAUSTED by this point, it was very difficult to even keep my eyes open for the surgery, but again, all the medical staff was amazing, and ultimately, we got a beautiful baby girl.

She’s a Sweetie!!

She’s got a thing with having her hands up at her face all the time–which explains why I always felt like she was punching me in the bladder! She is beautiful, and of course, we just love to watch her many expressions. She is sweet for the most part, but can go from 0 to 60 in miliseconds–she’s definitely got a set of lungs on her!!

Going Home
Nathan was up and ready to go at 6am on Tuesday…Sunday we had no visitors other than family and were able to rest, Monday we had visitors, and Tuesday we were set to go home. It took a lot longer than expected, waiting on the pediatrician, hearing tests, me getting my staples out, etc. Of course, by that time, I was exhausted and we had to break to nap and have everyone eat again. We were finally on our way late afternoon–first thing we had to do was go to Nathan’s offices and show her off–he is SUCH a proud daddy! Then we went to Costco and I got to wheel around in one of those little motorized wheelchairs while we waiting on my perscription to be filled. Then home sweet home, where Kenya was SO excited to see us! She has been a saint with Clara–very calm and cautious. Ranger could care less, but Kenya is pretty fascinated and a little weirded out by the fact that she cries a lot and we’re up all night long.

Where we are now….

It’s now 4am Thursday, and we’re up from another feeding. Nursing has really been a challenge, but we’re sticking with it. We visit the pediatrician today, and will probably go back to the hospital to meet with the Lactation consultant there. I’m determined to breastfeed, but it’s definitely requiring a TON of patience (and pain!). We’ll get it, though! Ultimately, we are so honored and blessed to have this beautiful girl in our lives. It has and will forever change us, and there is nothing more incredible than holding her in our arms and looking into her eyes. Nathan was amazing through it all, and has been since we’ve been home as well–not only taking care of Clara but having to take care of me as well. He blows me away–there is a whole different and incredible love that is formed when you turn from just husband and wife to a mommy and daddy–the bond that Nathan and I have as Clara’s parents has taken us to a whole new level in our relationship as well–to see the way he loves and cares for Clara…it’s a beautiful thing!

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