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   Feb 03

Clara’s visit to the ER

 I was doing so well–spent all morning playing with Clara, cutting out Valentines and drawing, dancing, etc, etc…and then I actually had three hours of peace and quiet while both girls slept! But then…Clara woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She wanted juice. She then proceeded to slam the juice (and herself) down on the floor for no apparent reason. I told her to pick it up. She wouldn’t. I told her I’d help her to pick it up. I took her hand to have her stand up, and she took that moment to start a screaming temper tantrum that resulted in her slamming herself to the ground…with me still holding her hand for her to stand up. This resulted in a resounding pop in her arm. I felt the sickening pop and twist and knew something wasn’t quite right.

At first I hoped it was nothing, but her screams weren’t just a tantrum–that was definite pain. She grabbed her forearm screaming that she needed a band-aid–that it hurt. We got a bandaid and I saw the arm swell. A full five minutes later I was in the car with both girls headed to the closest ER, convinced I must have broken her little arm.

Clara was a champ and kept her cool, with just random bursts of tears if she tried to move her arm. I explained everything the triage nurse would do to her and she was very obedient–and wanted to know if this was my doctor. Then she proceeded to tell the nurse what happened:

“A spido (spider) bit me. A white spido.”
nurse: “oh, I hate spiders–how scary!”
“no, spidos aren’t scawy–he’s my fweind. he plays with me and eats snacks.”

Then Nathan rushed in (I’d called him to come from work on my way there) and I say “Oh look–here’s Daddy!” which Clara then proceeded to turn to me and say, “Mom, it’s not Daddy, it’s Dad.” Well sorrrrry.

We get to see the doctor, and doc says it’s a common accident he sees–it’s most likely not a break, just a dislocated elbow from the socket. So he asks me to hold her and he starts massaging and maneuvering her arm and popping the bone back in place…ugh–not fun. She was crying in pain but really pretty stinkin’ composed. He said it should start feeling better pretty quickly, and he left us to wait a bit.

Clara held it for a bit, more scared that it would hurt than actual hurting. She finally tested it out and found out it didn’t hurt anymore. So she said…

“Hey, my arm doesn’t huwt anymore. That doctow took my awm and he went like this (simulating the moving around that the dr. did to her elbow) and then it doesn’t huwt now! Yep, I always liked that doctow.”

When the dr. came back and checked it out, she gave him smiles and held her fist out for “knucks” to hit his fist. He was a little taken aback by that. Obviously Clara was in great spirits then, and even more so when they brought her in a Popsicle. So, thankfully, Clara came out unscathed, and only her shirt was left broken–they cut it off of her, so no more cute “Big Sister” shirt. 🙁

Everything is fine now, but I felt awful about it. Fortunately, the ER wasn’t phased and said it’s really common–it’s a big deal to have a broken bone because it takes a LOT to do that with pliable kid bones–but coming out of socket is pretty normal. I was just advised not to come in with a similar injury again…hint, hint. And yes, while the nurse is telling me this, Clara is talking over him, telling him “You better watch your steps.” Ironic, huh.

Lesson learned. Regardless of how wild your child is, or whether it’s a tantrum or in fun, do not, I repeat, do NOT, hold on to them by their hand/wrist while they become a dead weight. Not a good idea. Ever.

And thus began our evening. Off to a birthday party immediately after (an hour late)…commencing to meltdown in zero point two seconds after we got there, whisked home, eat dinner, and GO TO BED. All is well again in the Logsdon abode.

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One Comment

  1. Kevin says:

    Glad she’s okay. Love her commentary on what happened.

    We have missionary friends whose daughter broke her leg in a similar way. The mother felt awful, I think it was hard for her to forgive herself, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

    I’m amazed how reckless Lyla can be sometimes when I’m trying to hold. I’m still waiting for her to crack her head on the bathroom sink because she thrashes so much sometimes when I’m getting her ready for bed.We’ve avoided it so far. Ugh.