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   Apr 22

March Madness and April Anticipation

Hey Ya’ll!

(this just needed a caption)

Life is flying by, and spring has come with a vengence! March was crazy, and April has been a month of preparation…lots of things going on–work events, social events, Clara’s third birthday, the Tour of Homes coming up, Jared and Ilea’s wedding celebration…and four, yes four, of my dearest friends are turning 30 this year…including Nathan!

I’m gonna have to fly through these, as the amount of pictures and video are insane!

Where to begin, where to begin…
This is an old video that should have gone up last time and I forgot.  It was when my cousin “Aunt” Rhoda was here, and is too cute:
Then we have Clara doing the Hula Hoop (yes, we play the Wii Fit a lot, and Clara does the Hula Hoop with me):
Let’s let the pictures tell the story — obviously at the park on this day…
Clara not so happy, and Nathan is SO sympathetic…
I just have no idea where she gets the drama…
And yep, she’s such a supermodel
Our friends Kate, Hudson and Ryan Blocher
Cutie Ellie modeling her fun dress Leslie Goodman got her
All dressed up in our sweet doo-dads

Aunt Melissa with Ellie and Hudson

This night was a hoot–Crunkles Jared and Aunt Ilea came over and played–Clara had on the turban and her Indian shoes from Dubai that Dani bought her…  She danced all over the place and hung toys off of a suction cup she stuck on Jared’s head.  Classic. 
Even better is hearing Jared read the “Runny Babbit” book by Shel Silverstein:

Clara decided to dress herself and go shopping for “Milo and Ochus.”

Clara’s favorite sayings:
“Actually…”  (Actually, oh yes, I catch myself saying this all the time)
“Sure Not.”  (said very matter-of-factly when she doesn’t want to do something)
“Pupcakes” (Cupcakes)
“Naybe” (Maybe.  All the time)
“When I was a Mommy and you were a baby..”
“I used to do that when I was a dog…”
“Patching” (as in, the eggs are patching)

Sisters, sisters, there were never more devoted sisters…

This is great–first off, that Kate is actually holding all three kiddos (center baby is 7month old Avery that she babysits), but then you look at their wonderful facial expressions which basically explained our day that day…and lastly, Avery is SEVEN months old.  Ellie was just at 4 1/2 months here.  

Clara and I made cookie pops for our mom’s group Easter egg hunt–they were a big hit.  
Clara being creative:

Sweet little Ellie Rose…
Update on her–she is such a little socialite!  She loves people interaction, and is a little momma’s girl right now.  She is capable of rolling over and almost sitting up on her own…however, she’s pretty fine with being carried all the time!
Basically, there are two sides to Ellie.  She’s either like this:

This is my FAVORITE.  She’s my little donkey.  😉
Or like this..

Clara at the mom’s group egg hunt…
Clara loves her YiaYia

I’m a hat girl now.  I need some more, since I tend to wear this one all the time.

Papa has added two big tractor tires and a swing out on the property–just like I had when I was little.  I swear the tractor tires I had were five times this size.  Apparently they were actually smaller, but wow, when you’re two, they are huge!  Clara had a great time with her Papa painting the tires.

Easter Saturday we all went down to Mom and Dad’s for an Easter Egg hunt with friends/family.  Had a great time!

Easter morning…at least Nathan was excited!
Clara was just not as into the basket as we hoped.  Apparently we just need to do jelly beans…

Nathan, Clay and Will on Easter Sunday
Grammy and Papa D and girls at St. Augustine’s on Sunday morning…
And the real Clara comes out…

Clara has definitely become a big girl now–she is wearing big girl panties almost 100% (still off and on with nighttime), she’s starting to role play, which is a hoot, and today she has started narrating.  everything. in a song. I have a feeling it will get old fast.  But, it was pretty dern funny today as she narrated and sang about Ellie rolling around on the blanket, covering her face, me walking over, the bunnies jumping around, bunny poop, Kenya sniffing the grass, etc., etc., etc…
This is my favorite song that Clara sings…

But the big deal for me is that my baby girl is now in gymnastics!  She loves it–goes to Let It Shine Gym. And the really cool thing is that they do open play for mom’s groups on Fridays, so I actually get to go and play with this fun stuff, too!  Clara really does great, and loves to show off doing headstands now.

Second big girl step…she got a major haircut! I took her to Dudes & Divas–what a fun place! They chopped off close to 4 1/2 inches, and sprayed glitter in her hair after-she tells everyone about that.
We visited Dani and she got kimonos for both the girls–so cute!  We know what their next Halloween outfits are!
This is actually someone’s house.  And she is living my dream life at Silo Studios.  She salvages old furniture pieces and recreates them with all kinds of color–then opens up a huge room in her “house” one day of the month to sell them.  All the proceeds go to her dog rescue–read more about that on her blog.  It’s a great time, and I find awesome furniture there.  So much so that I’m not allowed to go for a bit–we have no more room in our house!

This is a great coloring table I got there that Clara and Hudson are trying out. 
Hudson is ready to go home. No clothes, but he’s got his shoes on.  
We had a Moms Group playdate at Let It Shine Gym–my excuse to be able to play there with Clara–so fun!

Okay, not so fun for Clara when BOYS take over the play area.

She’s got great balance.

Nathan needs to explain about Obesity…
Twinkle, twinkle, little star…
Finally, yes, Clara turned THREE yesterday!!  With the chaos of this month, though, we’re actually spacing out her birthday over a few months!  Yesterday she actually had a fever of 101 all day–she stayed home from school and we made muffins in the morning, Grammy and Uncle Clay came for lunch and then we went down to Gigi’s Cupcakes for a birthday treat.  Then last night had a picnic outside (basically every night now that the weather is great!), and then watched the Princess and the Frog for a movie night with her.  Next week we’ll do a just family b-day party, and then in late May early June we’ll throw a big birthday hoopla to celebrate all of our birthdays.  I’ll plan fun b-day stuff then!
And we’ll end with another of Clara’s great poses.

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  1. What a beautiful posting and beautiful family life you have. You are very blessed.