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   Sep 21

August Breezes

On to August. Ellie is officially into everything now.  Clara is progressively getting more and more annoyed with this fact.  Did I mention Ellie’s loudness?  And no, she’s not deaf.  I’ve had people ask.  She just likes to be that loud.  
But look at these smiles-at least she’s happy all the time!

What’s really amazing, though, is that Ellie’s vocalizations sounds so much like what we say!  She mimics sounds like crazy and I swear she’s said “thank you,” “hi,” and “more” along with the typical “dada” and “mama”.  She’s standing on her own and may be walking soon.  Maybe she’ll be walking and talking before her first birthday!
We are loving that Papa D is officially retired.  He’s been able to go with us to the zoo and take Clara on special dates during the day…other than his golf days each week.  It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it.  🙂 

We went to the Williamson County Fair with Mom this year–wow–this was by far the best fair I’ve ever been to.  It was so nice, kid-friendly, and just clean and fun–not the trashy fairs I remember with the big city deals.  This was really a great event–the girls loved it, although it was hot.
Afterward we met Nathan and Dad for lunch.  The girls had to chill out a bit with their iPhones.  Wow.  Do I really have a picture of this??

We experienced a very cool thing in our house.  Clara loves bugs and has a bug box–she found some caterpillars and put them in there.  In less than a week, we had five cocoons!  It was really neat to watch the whole process.  We had four swallowtail butterflies (this is it below), and then one white moth.  We have another chrysalis right now–not sure what it is yet!

Ellie loves her sister and watches her every move.  Clara loves Ellie every other third Thursday.  
We went to Beersheba Springs again this year with all of the Logsdon crew plus friends.  Great time of relaxing–I love those swings!
Reid had a long day.  Tree stuck up his toe didn’t make it any better.

Cuckoo Bill and Ellie chillin’

Clara’s avocado pit

Here is the order of hierarchy…Ellie looks up to Clara, Clara looks up to Kate (although she still tries to boss her around some as well…
Tea Party time…

After tea party when the sugar-rush hits…

Is this a great ad or what… “Even a baby knows you need to find the work you love.”  Come on Dad, this needs to go somewhere on the site right?
Clara actually did make it in a blog “Have a little talk with Jesus” here:

Wrapped around her little finger….

Alright…I’m up to speed now since we’re not through September yet.  I have so many great videos but it just takes too long to get them up here!  I may just start sending people to a YouTube channel.
Speaking of that, I’m at the point where I’m getting close to reaching capacity with picture storage on blogspot.  I’m debating on switching to a new blog site–one where I can download more than one picture at a time.  Any thoughts on that? You all know I’m picture and video-crazy…what is the best blog out there for me to do this easily?  Let me know, and if there is any way possible to convert this one over?

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  1. I think I figured out one of the reasons why I so enjoy your blog (besides my voyeur tendencies that is, 😉
    I so enjoy hearing the delight you have with being a stay at home mom and enjoying the moments with the girls. Brings back many, many happy memories of tea parties and cute outfits and high chair pictures that look like a crime scene….complete with a very unhappy suspect. 😉
    Keep it up dear Ashley! Love your writing too. And congrats to Nathan….happy, happy all the way around!

  2. Joel says:

    No fish net stockings Ashley? Come on… Get in the spirit.

    The girls look absolutely adorable.

    Pei and I can’t wait to come visit.