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   Jan 05

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the Logsdon crew!  This has been an insanely busy and fun time for us–so many changes now that we have Nathan home with us all the time!

So here are our family photos….song in honor of Clara….

Ton of pics, as usual, so I’ll try to intersperse stuff sporadically.  Clara–the ultimate kid in a candy shop…

Speaking of sweets…this little master negotiator has become quite an addict.  We’ve had to call a halt to a lot of it and focus on getting her to eat her meals–she can be quite persistent with holding out for sweets, or negotiating every tiny bite (I need to have two bites because I have two eyes).

Nathan’s co-workers at BB&T all took us out to Urban Flats for a “Wine Down Wednesday.”  Had a lot of fun with everyone, and what the heck were they thinking letting people “sample” EIGHT glasses of wine??  It was nice hanging with all of the BB&T crew and reminiscing about crazy times as Nathan learned the ropes of being a banker.  
This picture was our celebration night in honor of Nathan’s last official day at the bank.  48 Days, here he comes!

Since I started writing this post, Ellie has changed a ton–walking, talking…it’s amazing how much she’s grown in just a few short weeks!  Here is her morning routine, though–her big giraffe and a bottle of almond milk.  I want to remember the little day-to-day things…

She has gone from this….

to this….

Okay, this is completely random, but this just killed me.  This was a very loved gift for Clara from her Uncle Clay–incredibly thoughtful considering it was on Ellie’s birthday.  It was perfect and she loves it…but I just need to point this out:

Oh yes–he said it. Every time! Thankfully it goes right over Clara’s head, but I find Nathan and me mumbling it from those subliminal messages all the time…

Going back to the whole thoughtful uncle thing, though…check out what fun Clara has with her daddy and uncles:

This year, YiaYia and I took Clara to see her very first Nutcracker.  Harpeth Hall does a “mini-Nutcracker” to introduce kids to dance and the full performance.  It was perfect–just enough for her.  We of course had to start it out with taking her to the Cheesecake Factory–strawberries and whipped cream as the appetizer.

Yeah, yeah, there was a meal in between.  Clara picked out the cheesecake she wanted–Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  

So we get home, all excited to tell Daddy…and was it all the pretty ballet she wanted to talk about?  Nope…

On to Christmas parties with the Hip Mamas…

Christmas with her best friend “little Kate”–playing dress-up and decorating a not-so-tiny gingerbread man…

All Ellie wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth.  Got ’em. 
Even Kenya got into the Christmas spirit. Kind of. 

Clara got the camera and took a ton of pictures one day–of our tree, ornaments, Nathan’s computer screen, etc.  I love this shot she took:

We definitely built up to the day we would go see Santa.  FYI, Santa lives at Dave Ramsey’s office, just in case you didn’t know.  We visit “Santa’s house” throughout the year, but he only appears there one time a year!  This day, Clara was determined.  She walked right up, sat on his lap, and told him all about what she wanted.  No fear.  Ellie, on the other hand, was pretty certain that Satan had just appeared before her eyes and was going to tear her into bite-sized pieces.  

Santa has gone completely techy now, and he actually sent personalized messages to the girls–check this out:
Clara and I had plenty of fun making Christmas goodies this year…and she was the number one taste-tester ever:
I can’t believe we actually woke up to a white Christmas–and then on New Years it was a high of 67.  The weather here.  Insanity. 
We went to KY for Christmas Eve to celebrate Gramps’ 90th birthday–had a wonderful time with the whole Logsdon crew (congrats, Katie, on your engagement!).  We had a nice trip that had to end abruptly as the banshee that lives inside of Clara reared it’s ugly head and she was officially peopled out.  Unfortunately, in the rush, I left my camera–so the rest of the pictures are on my iPhone, and Christmas day pics are on Grammy and YiaYia’s cameras!
Christmas morning at our house and Grammy, Poppa D, Uncle Clay, Cuckoo Bill and Great-Grandma Bit all came for Christmas breakfast–had a great time, and Santa brought all kinds of goodies:
Ellie was DUN before we even left to go to YiaYia and Papa’s for the second round:
Clara was content to play with her ultimate favorite gift–her Safari set from Grammy/Poppa D.  We actually went to Costco before Christmas and she saw it and she told me “mommy, I don’t want anyfing else but a SAFARTI set”.  
Ellie chose to snuggle up with Auntie Ilea…
And…this is why it’s scary having a live tree in your house:
So I heard the girls playing so nicely in the playroom together, and Clara saying something about Ellie being a tiger… my artiste was at work.  By the time I realized it, Ellie was a full-on tiger.  So what the heck–I let Clara do it to herself as well, and then we went grocery shopping.  Clara was a star. 
We then put her markers to better use creating our Family Rules:

She’s been doing really well with them, and knows how to sign every one!
We mad popcorn and grape garlands for the birds…we’ve got a lot of popcorn and grapes.

Uncle Gray, Aunt Suzanne and cousin Anna hit the jackpot with sending us a ton of Dr. Seuss books…which just so happens to be a favorite of Clara’s.  Here she is winking, just like how it says on the page (I can read with my eyes shut…)

New Year’s Eve we spent all day out at Yia Yia and Papa’s–with a HUGE bonfire. 
Started it at 10am and it was still smoldering with red embers the next morning after a full rain during the night.  

Ellie checked out the tractor….
And I got this from Mom: This is a pretty interesting picture of Clara.  On New Year’s Eve day she is in front of the big bonfire with a cross made by Crunkles (Uncle Jared). She carted it around and “danced” with it then she “planted” it in the ground and talked to it.  Just like her encounters with “talking to Jesus” you have to wonder what is going through her mind and what she is saying to the cross.

 This blog has gone on way too long–gotta stop the picture craziness.  I’ll end with some of my latest facebook updates.  Love my kids:

  • My 14-month-old just pooped on the potty. I’m in shock. (the ultimate FB update)
  • Great quote I just came across: “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” ~Anonymous
  • Check out Moolala, great daily deals and an amazing rewards program. Make sure to click this link so I get credit http://www.moolala.com/r/1HCJ9P2  (seriously, check it out and sign up–you’ll love it)
  • It’s five pm and I’m watching Miracle on 34th Street with Clara fast asleep in my arms. Gotta rest up for the festivities coming up!!
  • Clara’s quote the the day: “But mommy, I want it to be all about ME.”
  • Clara’s tip of the day: “you never ever say water buffalo!”

Three shopping trips in one hour alone with two children during Christmas rush= a long hot bath
And, the kicker….

  • Clara just told me that she thinks her listening ears just fell down the toilet. She informed me she’ll get them later.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season.  2011 is going to be AWESOME!

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  1. Hey Ashley!

    Great (long) post! It’s fantastic to get a glimpse into your family!

    Sarah and I are really enjoying getting to know you and Nathan, and we’re looking forward to sharing in the upcoming year with you!

    – Josh