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   Jun 02

My kids are adorable, what can I say.

I have an assortment of pictures from the last few months that don’t fall into any grouping other than just flat “cuteness.”  I know I’m biased, but geesh, I love my girls.  Here are just some precious photo opps:

 Yes, this is Clara running through YiaYia’s yard with her typical birthday suit on.  Thankfully she opted for an apron, at least:

Again, at YiaYia’s/Papa’s, Clara is forever finding frogs, turtles, cicadas, and other animals to play with.  This was a cute little tree frog she found…

 And a cicada…

Speaking of cicadas, Clara is quite infatuated.  She collects them by the dozens, plays with them, hugs and kisses them, and has even been known to put them in her pocket and let them climb up in her shirt.  Yep, gives me the willies just thinking about it.  I’m so skittish with the sound of cicadas now because I have no idea where they may come crawling out on her!

After much discussion, Clara and I went and got our hair chopped.  After watching Tangled, it was not the easiest to convince her to get her hair cut!  Clara’s looks awesome.  I’m not so thrilled with mine, but I’m giving it time–I’m tempted to chop it shorter.  Speaking of Tangled, the haircut at the end is pretty stinkin cute….

 Clara and Ellie love our hammock swing.  This is a heavy-duty swing – the rope is about 30 feet up in air, so we literally swing them up over our heads.  They are so spoiled with what a “real swing” is.  I’ll post some video of this monster soon – it’s awesome!

Love Ellie’s face here…

The cute little mohawk chica.  In all honesty, she has a little “party in the back” and that’s about it.  I’m still holding out for a little curl in her hair…please, oh please….

 Clara has a full Indian get-up…the shirt was something special of Nathan’s when he was a little boy…and he got her the necklace and headband to make together for her birthday. She loved it.

At the movie theater, they were sold out of the movie we wanted to see (good thing, too- heard that African Cats was a little too spooky for Clara), but they did have Pirates of the Caribbean tattoos.  So not friendly kid tattoos, but the girls were pumped:
We had to at least draw angel wings on their backs…

 I love the “cheese” faces…

We visited with Grandma Polly a bit on Mother’s Day, and got a few good shots in….

 This is so Ellie.

 Four generations here…

I ran my first ever 5k to benefit “Girls on the Run” .  This is such a great cause, and goes well with the blog I just posted HERE.   We did the run as a family, with Nathan pushing the double stroller (he’s such a stud).  Actually made pretty good time, with about an 8-minute mile.  We want to push a little harder next time, as we started at the back of the line behind a ton of middle school kiddos that ran/walked, so a lot of weaving a big stroller through. 

Nathan doesn’t hesitate to get  “in the zone” with playtime at the house.  And yes, that is Obama on his African apron.  Thank you Angazas

 And….on to the cutest pictures ever of my most favorite little girls.  Everybody, feel free to insert “awwwww” after every picture.  I know you want to. 

Only four more updates to go before I’m caught up.  Geesh.  Loving grouping them like this, though…hopefully it’ll make for more frequent (and fun) posts!

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  1. Jessica B... says:

    Your girls are gorgeous no doubt, but my favorite photo is the one where Nathan’s in his get-up during playtime.

    That. Is. Priceless.

  2. Teri says:

    AWWWWW…..!!! Yup, your kids are SO adorable!!