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   Jul 28

Happy Birthday Time!

Well, well, well.  With our new FamilyLifeLearners website, MamaSaysNamaste, and work, I’ve just let this go by the wayside!  I have a feeling this is going to become more and more about just posting pictures…I’ve been doing this for four years, though, and it’s essentially the girls’ baby book, so I’m afraid to drop it.  Any thoughts from the fam? 
 Here is the birthday post – there were a ton in June – mine, Nathan’s, Caroline/Grammy’s, and my nephew Caleb (the big 16!)…plus our 7-year anniversary, so June was a busy month!
My big bday gift was a bike…so one day in wonderful 100 degree weather Nathan surprises me with his parents coming over in the middle of the day to watch the kids so we could go on a bike ride with my brand new birthday bike.  
We had a blast, and during the ride I was thinking how I should get his family to bring the kayak we got Nathan for his birthday over to our house, so I’m trying to secretly text them so there would be a surprise waiting for Nathan when we got home.
Well…there was a surprise.  When we arrived back, dripping in sweat but in great spirits, I saw some feet behind the curtains on our back porch.  Of course, I’m thinking the Logsdon fam is standing there with the kayak to surprise Nathan!  
I walk to the gate and..what the…?  There is a stinkin surprise party for ME there!! 

My wonderful hubby (along with our parents and the help of my best friend Melissa), completely and utterly surprised me.  I had no idea.  And, he got me back – last year, for his 30th, he came back from a day-long surprise fishing trip to find a party waiting.  So he got me back on the sweaty birthday appearance.  
We had a great time, though, and I was just blown away by the sweetness of all of it. 
My big 3-0 cake/cupcakes.  And nope, didn’t realize it was a “3-0” till I saw this picture – thought it was a snake!
I was able to sneak in a surprise on Nathan as well – his brothers ran and brought in his kayak, which I had been telling Nathan we absolutely did NOT need and he was NOT getting.  
Clara and Nathan were so excited about the kayak…they were ready to go right away!
Some of my b-day goodies – I wouldn’t let myself get any running gear until I was sure I was committed.  After over a month of running seriously and one 5k, I was ready!  Got a running outfit from Melissa and an iPhone holder from Clay….SO NICE to have!

Little Ellie was ready to ride!
Got a great child carrier from Grammy/Papa D…
This took some major coaxing for Clara to get on the ride-along bike.  I found this for $5 at a yard sale, and it has been awesome!  After a battle and a half, I put my foot down and made her take a “no-thank-you” ride.  After literally 2 seconds of screaming, she was laughing and loving it.  This is one of her favorite things to do now – go riding with Daddy.
My fun cruiser bike complete with rockin’ basket from Will…it even comes off so I can carry into a store – how cool is that?
We had to test the kayak out right away, and Clara did so well on it, that Nathan and Clara went on a half-day adventure down the Harpeth.  And boy, was it ever an adventure!  It involved rolling the kayak under a huge tree trunk covered in “question” (caution) tape, with both of them going under.  Clara popped up screaming her head off (it would have freaked me out, too) and thankfully, the only casualty was my fishing pole.  Nathan handled it amazingly – what could have been a horribly traumatic experience for Clara ended up becoming a really fun story to tell, where she acts out how she was swimming underwater and pops up, and she loves to tell everyone about it with no traces of fear!

Ellie and I got to chill by the waterside while Clara and Nathan took their first jaunt.
At the end of the month, it was Grammy’s birthday.  We had just come back from an incredible trip to Roan Mountain – pictures will be in a post to follow.  We had a great family meal complete with a low-country boil and fruit pizza that Clara and I made – yum!

So, quick synopsis of the birthday month…more posts to come!

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