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   Feb 09

Artsy Fartsy, Radnor Lake, and 5Ks

January has been a busy month (what month isn’t these days?)  The girls are growing and so much fun.  Ellie is officially potty-trained (yay)…that is said loosely, since she’s decided that when she does poop in her diaper at naptime, the decent thing is to take her diaper off.  Poop and all.  If it’s hidden under blankets, pillows, and lovies, no one sees it and she’s clean, right?  Riiiiiight.  We curbed that issue quickly.
Clara loves her weekly art class with YiaYia and is so proud of her creations – 

We got a membership to the Adventure Science Center, and the favorite room is the shadow room – you pose against a wall and it takes a picture of your shadow!

Here are some fun mobile photos I’ve taken lately.  Clara is pointing out where Crunkles Jared, Auntie Ilea, and Francois are living…we  miss them!
My little Diva – always accessorizing.

Sometimes with whatever “accessory” is lying around…

Sweet Clara cuddling with me.  Tonight, we were sitting at dinner and she said “People are like Matryoshka dolls.  You have a baby, and that baby can grow up and have a baby.  Do you think we are God’s Matroyshka dolls?”  Wow – she is incredible.  

The girls play beautifully together most of the time.  Unfortunately, below is how well they play together.  Insert chaos.  Thank God our house is so small – it’s easy to clean!

Clara is all about writing lately – she loves to copy letters and draw us little notes – I hate to throw any away!  My ultra crafty side wants to take a picture of it all and compile it in a scrapbook.  Maybe?

We went on a walk to Radnor lake with Uncle Clay – had a great time, and Clara posed all along the way for pictures so we can write a book/story about her adventures.

They found owl scat.  And dissected it to get all the mouse bones.  Which are now in a jar tucked away in a far corner in Clara’s closet in hopes I never have to touch them. 

 Back to art, Clara, YiaYia and I are taking art classes by an absolutely fantabulous painter, Dorsey McHugh.  Even her name sounds fancy!  I adore her – she captures the essence of creativity – that it’s not about “right” and “wrong” but about grasping the true heart of your soul and laying it out on canvas (or plywood, or anything else you want).  It’s been so freeing to be in her class and just play with ideas.  I’ve been working on the same painting for so long now – each time I go I get a different idea for what to do with it.  You have got to check out her website – the first picture on the site I love…and it’s all out of paper!   Her artwork is gorgeous – and you can tell she has so much fun with her creations!
There are little gemstones in the stars – how fun is that?

I need to take some more pictures of all the things Clara has painted.  Today she painted “Pixie Hollow”.  She paints at least one canvas painting each week, and then spends the rest of her time making little notes for Mom and me.  She told me today that she really is an “artist.”  I agree 100%!

Nathan and I have found the place to take the girls when it’s cold and rainy.  We love going to the Opryland Hotel and it’s so nice and clean since it’s been renovated!

As you can see here, once again, poor Ellie faceplanted and her nose got the brunt of the hit.  I swear, if this child isn’t scabbed over, she has a concussion.  (Which, by the way, she DID just recover from.   A 10-lb piggy bank fell on her head.  Spent the night throwing up and then was a-ok, but freaked us out quite a bit!)

Can this girl be any cuter?  Reminds me of this blog post by my favorite funny blogger.  Some ages are easy to get pictures of.  Ellie is never still for a picture.  While you’re at it, you’ll have to read this one.  This is SO CLARA. 

 Ellie wore these glasses for two straight days.  Love it.  Then they broke.  And extreme sadness ensued.

 We decided to run the Nashville Zoo Run-Run this year- it’s a 5k through the zoo – behind the scenes and throughout the zoo.  This year they brought in over $85,000 because of this 5k fundraiser!

Since costumes were encouraged, Nathan decided last minute to go as the “Gibbon Exhibit.”  It was a hoot – he won first place in the costume contest and got a $50 gift card to a sports store (he just said he needed new shoes – nice!)

Nathan finished in 27:22 and came in 24th in his category, and I finished at 27:29 and came in 10th in my category.  It was a tough one on us – went off-road running on gravel and poor Nathan pushing a double stroller the whole way!

The dinosaur in the background is for a new exhibit they are doing – it roared and scared the tar out of Clara right before this picture was taken.  

That’s out life for January…looking forward to sharing all kinds of fun things in February!

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  1. Kevin Miller says:

    So great to see all this. Precious pics. You did the 5k pushing a stroller Nathan. You’re a better Dad than I am…

  2. Such a treat to get all the inside stories! Love being able to stay connected with y’all like this!