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   Apr 15

More March Goodness

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my family?  Check these sweet girls out.  Ellie is just all about accessories, and the PotatoHead glasses are a favorite of hers. 
On Dr. Suess’s birthday, we had green eggs and “ham” (tofurky).  Kids dug it.  🙂
Clara’s creativity is so fun to see:
I  took Clara with me to my last OB appointment to hear the heartbeat – Dr. Schlechter let her hold the heart monitor and push the buttons – Clara was so excited!  Of course, we had to stop by Krispy Kreme first…
Speaking of baby, here is the original ultrasound at 11 weeks.  I’m at 17 weeks now, and am counting down the days until May 7th.  Not only is it Papa’s birthday, we find out the gender that day!
This is just a hoot – I’ve been doing impromptu playdates on Sunday mornings/afternoons while Nathan goes kayaking.  A few weeks ago we had a whole gaggle of girls.  Before we knew it, all clothes were off and the chalk painting began.  I thought this was great of all the cuties.  Tigris opted to keep her swimsuit on and contemplate the craziness she got herself into!
Spring came way early this year – by about six weeks!  Our azaleas were gorgeous – definitely my favorite spring explosion at our house.  
Clara on our dogwood tree smiling like a goob.
The girls transformed a windmill at YiaYia’s to a perfect teepee (with a little help from us).
My awesome henna tattoo.   I love, love, love henna – would love to get my own kit.  It fulfills my tattoo wishes and every 2-3 weeks I can change it up!
Ellie taking matters into her own hands…
Clara with her typical sass. 
Sweet sisters – they have been playing so well together lately!
Clara’s class at Judson with their awesome teacher, Ms. Amy.  Clara loves her!

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