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   May 01

Sadness and Puppy’s Breath

A few weeks ago, we lost our sweet, sweet dog, Kenya.  She was hit by a car and her death came as a huge blow to all of us (especially Clara and me).  I wrote about our grieving process in my other blog, because letting go doesn’t mean forgetting.

Clara, especially, took it hard and has said every day for two weeks “I want Kenya.”  Even now, there are days we hear it.

To make the process a little easier, we went ahead and decided on a puppy.  There is no replacement for Kenya, but welcoming a new pup in the family definitely helps for distraction!   And…considering my current baby in the oven, it was either get a pup NOW or not for another two years (one baby in the house is enough, thank you!)

So, welcome to the family, Harley McQuinn!

Since then, Harley has literally doubled in size in just two weeks:

This is a hoot – loving her little personality!  
 To top it off, Harley isn’t our only addition to the family.  Hello Beezus, Ramona, Goldie and Elvira!
Harley had to check them out…

Goldie is Clara’s sweetheart.

Notice the menagerie –  Khaki the rabbit, Harley the pup, and the four chicks by the fountain.
Caught Ellie in the cage with the chicks – so cute.

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