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   Jul 13

Family Time!

I’m gonna make this short and sweet because I have a gazillion pictures and I could be lengthy here!  Some highlights in the past month:

My beautiful niece Saoirse Sky Angaza was born!  I had the honor of being by Jared and Ilea’s side throughout the delivery – it’s completely different being the observer vs. the one in labor!  Ilea had a long and hard delivery and Saoirse spent a week in NICU – however, the bottom line is that the whole family is home, adjusting, healthy and happy!  I can’t believe Saoirse hit one month old today!  (I’ll post more sweet pics, but wow – I LOVE this shot of her!)

Next up is the family reunions! We had a week chock-full of family coming into town from both sides.  My brother and sis-in-law from Colorado with their 7 kids plus one extra, my aunt and uncle from Ohio, and my cousins and their spouses from Virginia – all in all, 23 people visiting for a week.  That makes for a lot of fun and a lot of eating!  The highlights of the trip for me…flashlight tag till midnight, nighttime sing-along, and the day at the pool!  You can see the WHOLE album of pictures HERE:

Next up…the Texas Folgers (Nathan’s aunt, uncle and cousins) came up for a day and we squeezed in a few more pictures, and then Nathan’s other aunt and uncle (the Mattinglys) from Ky came up to visit as well – another album of goodness HERE.

Family highlights…
Ellie has become the drama queen.  She never just needs to do something – it’s always “I REALLY REALLY need to go potty,” or “I’m REALLY REALLY hungry.”  Everything is REALLY REALLY with her.

She told me the other day she was “drinky.”  Brilliant Uncle Clay helped me figure out she was actually thirsty.  Love that.  She is a hoot and a half – at least when she drives us crazy her cuteness makes up for it.  She’ll randomly come up to me, give me a kiss and say “Your bootiful, Mommy.”  Now THAT is an ego boost.  On the other end of the spectrum, Clara told me today “That shirt looks really good on your big fat belly!”  Ego…deflated.

Baby is growing and dancing to techno in my belly.  I can’t believe she’ll be here in eleven short weeks!  Seeing and holding baby Saoirse definitely makes me excited about this little one as well.  The one thing missing?  A name!  We haven’t come up with anything definite, and we think on this one we’ll have a few ideas and wait until she gets her to decide – different than what we did with our last two!

Lastly, the new family pup has been incredible.  Harley McQuinn has proved to be a brilliant dog.  She is training very well, incredibly smart, and has the most ferocious bark ever – which is really funny when you look at this little puppy!

We got a kickin new camera – thus the gazillion pictures.  We got some good ones!  More pictures HERE.

That it all in a very, very, VERY small nutshell.  July has been so fun and family focused – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all!

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