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   Jul 13

More June-ness

Apparently I missed a blog of goodness.  Here are a few more sweet pictures from June!
This was my first ever Picaken – spice cake with apple pie and vanilla pudding frosting.  Weighed a ton.  Was delish.  The next one I did was an incredible peanut butter pie inside of a devil’s food chocolate cake with cream cheese icing – even better!

Ellie and Grandma Polly..next picture is with her boyfriend Bob.  Polly has been a man-hater as long as I’ve known her!!  Apparently Alzheimer’s made her forget that little detail and she and Bob are happy as can be.

Clara painting the chickens’ toenails.  When they were chicks they had different colored feathers.  As their adult feathers came in, the were all red – no way to tell them apart!  We have Goldie, Elvira, Beezus and Ramona, but no clue who is who!  At this point, they should be giving us eggs any time now, and unfortunately one of them became a very tasty dinner for a fox who hangs out close to our home!

Mother’s Day picture with Grammy and Grandma Bit…

Love these shots of Ellie eating a lime!

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