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   Oct 07

Double Big Sisters and Baby Jules!

It’s obviously been quite some time since I’ve done a family blog update.  It’s amazing that the blog has been going for so long…honestly this is about the longest in between I’ve gone, and I’ve been doing this “monthly” update since right before Clara was born – over 5 1/2 years!  Essentially, this is the family book – no baby books or anything like that.  Since we lost a hard drive with a gazillion pictures, some of the pictures on this blog are all we have of some years!  

I’m going to cram a lot of pictures in and hopefully give an overview of the past few jam-packed months…

Clara has been such a hoot – she and Daddy got “married” and had quite the ceremony:

 Our big trip in August was to Little Saint Simon’s Island for a mini-reunion with some of the Folger family.  We LOVE this place – the best food and beach in the southeast!  Notice all the people on the beach.  Yep, that’s Nathan and the girls.  Seven miles of solitude on the beach. 

The girls loved looking for horseshoe crabs and we even stayed up late one night for a turtle hatching.  Unfortunately, they didn’t hatch that night, but we got to see plenty of turtles on Jekyll Island at the incredible Georgie Sea Turtle Center.  Loved checking it all out and remembering why I love turtles so much!

Love this one of Uncle Fred, Adelaide, Uncle Steve and Daniel!

Two months before baby and I was already huge.  Didn’t stop me from biking all over the island, though – it was so fun!

Ellie and baby Daniel
Ellie and Adelaide…cousins…somehow?
There are a TON of gorgeous shots from St. Simons, of course…you can see more HERE.

On to randomness, the girls are all smiles most of the time.  I have some great Ellie and Clara sayings…

Ellie:  “Look, the sky is lellow!”

Clara: “not ‘lellow’, it’s Yellow.  Ya.  Ya. Yellow.”
Ellie: “ya-ya-lellow.  ya-ya-lellow.”
Clara: “That’s not right!”
Ellie: “CLARA!  I didn’t say lellow, I said…PLAYDOUGH.”
Clara: “When I grow up I’m going to be a zookeeper and a paleontologist.”
Ellie: “When I grow up I’m going to be a big purple sunflower!”
Mommy: “We’re going to do a few errands before we go to Grammy’s house.”
Ellie: “Well is there juice at Errand’s house?”
Some of the things the girls love…
  • Skeletons (Clara)
  • Big Purple Sunflowers (Ellie)
  • “Hanitizer” (Hand Sanitizer)
  • Tell me how much they love me – for Clara, that means “I love you more than infinity!” and a special kiss.  Over and over again.  Seriously.  Over and over and over again. For Ellie, it’s always new and fun, like “I love you more than an eyeball” or “I love you beyond like a pancake” to name a few. 

Clara has had all kinds of awesome art creations.  On this picture, she chose to crumple up green paper to look like leaves.  When “Ms Dorsey” asked why she chose to do that, she said “Because it feels more like a tree.”  That’s a true artist – she really gets into it.

Ellie is starting to really love art as well, although she’s definitely more of a performer than anything that requires staying still for too long!

In celebration of upcoming baby, some of my incredible friends threw a “blessingway” for me – it was amazing – a truly wonderful and heartfelt experience with some of the closest women in my life – not like a typical baby shower at all.  You can check out all the pictures HERE. I definitely felt the love both for me and baby-to-be – and am honored to call those women my dear sisters. 

Harley the pup has turned out to be the best dog EVER.  She has truly been such an amazing addition to the family – Nathan works with her most every morning and evening on their walks and she will stop in the middle of playing in a field on his command.  She is wonderful with the kids and generally a wonderful dog.  If I could figure out how to eliminate fleas from the world, all would be perfect. 


I asked the girls today who their best friends were.  They immediately replied each other.  Although they still have plenty of kid squabbles, they genuinely have so much fun together and love to get creative.  Below was an 80 degree day.  However, they had just found a box of winter clothes I’d pulled down.  They are dressed for anything!

 This was after an incredibly awesome birthday party for one of our friends’ daughters.  Mustaches appeared all over the house after that, and it was all we could do to get them to not wear their teeth to bed. 

 Our first hot cocoa of the season.  Also on a day that I’m pretty sure ended up being in the high 70s. 
I just love this picture – all cleaned up and so excited about meeting their new sister – this was the day before. 
Clara had her first produce sale – she created a sign with the prices for all the stuff, and then picked peppers, tomatoes and basil from the garden plus 18 eggs from our chickens.  The neighbors from behind us came over as her first customers, along with Cuckoo Bill, and she racked up $7!

This is the night before Juliet was born – Grammy and Poppa D grabbed the girls around 4 the night before so Nathan and I had the chance to go out on a date.  And yes, I wore heels.  First time in a year, I think.  Of course, 40 weeks pregnant is the perfect time to do it, right?

We had such a wonderful “last supper” together – a great time to just chill out and reconnect before we went to the hospital in the morning.  

We spent an incredibly sleepless night tossing and turning in anticipation of going in to the hospital at 5am the next morning.  One of the times we woke up was to coyotes howling and cackling right outside out windows.  We opened up the windows and saw two of the biggest coyotes – the size of German Shepherds – that I’ve ever seen!  We looked up coyote totems and thought it was very interesting – one of the links told us part of the “trickster” deal is that Murphy’s law is inevitable.  Well as she came out, she immediately pooped on me. Then pooped on Nathan twice in the recovery room.  And, like clockwork, every time we change a diaper, she poops either during or right after.  Nice. 

We had an extraordinary birth story – I wrote all about it HERE.  Please check it out!

Juliet Grayce Logsdon
8 lbs, 13 oz
19″ long
Born September 25th, 7:14am
We didn’t have a name picked out before we went into the hospital, and we debated and debated on names.  Juliet was a name that Clara suggested completely out of the blue when I first got pregnant.  There was no reasoning behind it, but it just really stuck with us.  We have a Julius, Julianne and Julia in the family, so it’s a little in there, but we liked that it was old yet uncommon, didn’t end in “a” or “ie”, and that Clara chose it.  We wanted to use “Gray” in honor of Nathan and his grandfather, but Nathan really loved “Graycie” as well.  We chose to spell Grayce as tribute to Nathan and also Papa D’s favorite aunt Grace.  

The girls are so enamored with her – I absolutely love it.  Since she didn’t have a name during pregnancy, it’s taking us a while to get used to calling her “Jules” or Juliet.  The girls call her “the baby” most of the time, and Ellie wants to show everyone her “born baby.”  Love it. 

I think she’s another little Logsdon girl – looking like she might have the same beautiful smile as Clara, her Daddy and Grammy.  

YiaYia and Papa meeting Jules

Poppa D got to get his snuggle time in once we got home from the hospital.
We’ve been using Instagram to capture all kinds of great shots…
Leave her alone for two seconds…and lipstick covers her and the floor.  Love this girl.  She keeps me on my toes. 
She’s not always so serene.  But…most of the time, she is. 
Big sisters putting Jules to sleep.
She’s never hurting on decorations with her big sisters!
Clara picked this out, of course – tutu and skeletons.  Her favorites. 
My first trip with 3 to the zoo – went with their buddies Olive and Alice.
They definitely had the most fun at the gift shop.  Just monkey’n around. 
Clara says she isn’t just the big sister.  She’s the “double big” sister. 
I love this shot of Ellie – you can see the love there!
Unfortunately, completely legit wound.  Blocks chucked at you by older highly irritated sisters tend to do damage. 

 I have so many more pictures and great stories, but after months of buildup, this is already incredibly long!  The next post will hopefully be to show off the awesome pre and post-baby photos my friend Cassie took – the maternity shots turned out awesome, and we do baby pictures next week!

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