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   Nov 18

Happy Birthday Ellie Rose!

I swear one day I’ll have better updates, but for now, I’ll let pictures do most of the talking!
The big news for October…Ellie turned three!  I can’t believe she’s getting to be a big girl – sometimes she’ll start to have a conversation with us and it’ll just hit me that she’s not just a little toddler anymore – she has a creative imagination and can come up with all kinds of entertaining stories!
Ellie showing off her sweet outfit from Aunt Rhoda – she loves it!
Ellie loved her little “gift” here…but definitely enjoyed playing with some of the other gifts more.
I think I wrote in the last blog that Ellie told her Grammy that when she grows up she wants to be a “big, purple sunflower.”  Needless to say, it was almost a requirement for me to make a big purple sunflower cake for her birthday!
We started out her birthday celebration day with a breakfast playdate with pancakes and whipped cream!
Yes, this is how she holds up three fingers.  She tries to do the “I Love You” sign like Clara and this is what happens.
She dove right in to the whipped cream
We had a great time with Kristen and her girls Olive and Alice, Chevi and her girls Jasmine, Qwinn and Zoe, Melissa and her girl Kate, and Sarah, and her girls Tigris and Saoirse.
Later that evening we had a spaghetti dinner with all the family – YiaYia and Papa, Poppa D and Grammy, Uncle Clay, Cuckoo Bill, Uncle John and Aunt Shelley and Grandma Bit.

Ellie loved her new costumes from Grammy/Poppa D/Grandma Bit!

So did Clara…
Jules got her dose of lovin’ as well
We are loving little Jules, and the girls love on her a lot.  Ellie…perhaps a little too much!  Poor girl – she wants to badly to love on Juliet, but she is just rough as all get-out.  We have to really watch her because her “helping” to put a pacifier in oftentimes constitutes smothering Jules and shoving it down her throat!
The girls had their first bake sale – we did a garage sale and they sold butterfinger fudge, caramel/chocolate thumbprint cookies, and salted caramel pretzel bark – yum!  Poppa D had to um, come visit for that one.  😉
Here is is almost Thanksgiving…and next week Jules will be 2 months.  Oh well- here is from Month One photo session – I never did this with the other two – might as well start – the drawing on the chalkboard are compliments of some of the girls best friends, Tigris and Saoirse:
Playing with Sarah, Saoirse and Tigris

We didn’t get many Halloween pictures – here are just a few – we stopped by Grandma Bit’s place first.
A cowgirl and her horse, and a purple polka dot princess/witch (she went back and forth on the witch idea)
Grumpy teddy bear
Going through the loot at Grammy/Poppa D’s
We decided that, in order to cure them of their treat obsession, we would just serve them “dinner” one night of a whole plate of their Halloween candy.  We’d let them gorge, melt down, and be sick of sweets….right?  Wrong.  They told us we were the best parents ever, ate 3/4 of their candy, snuggled up with us on the couch to watch a movie and went to bed like angels.  Hmm.  Score one for being a fun parent, I guess?
The aftermath.  The beer is Nathan’s, promise.  
I’ll elaborate a bit more in the next post, but even without traditional school, the girls are busy every day with different school activities.  Here is one of the many friends we’ve made with our homeschool groups – I just loved this picture:
Flying kites
I just have to share the latest artwork from Clara – she continues to amaze me with all the fun things she does!
Her abstract art from her homeschool enrichment program
She drew little people in every one of these windows, and a flying banner behind the plane – love it!
She loves to tie things up.  Unfortunately, it becomes quite cumbersome to undo. 

My favorite – Clara’s “bug hospital”
The art doesn’t stop on paper – they dress up Daddy as well.
And of course the girls are walking artwork always!
I had my own craftiness day.  Since I’m doing cloth diapers with Jules, I have quickly learned it’s a heckuva lot cheaper to make my own stuff.  So I put together some goodies for my friend, sis-in-law, and me:
Flannel baby wipes and wipes spray
Wet Bags and cloth diaper detergent – a little goes a long way!

Sweet Jules is growing and grinning, and the girls love to help out!
 Okay…check out Clara’s ring.  Wow – Clara came home from school last week announcing that she was going to marry Bradford (a sweet little boy in her class at preschool).  Apparently he gave her this ring he found on the playground…and since Daddy is already married, she is going to marry Bradford.
I did a video of her saying why she liked Bradford.  When she’s 16 and running after some hot jerk, I’m going to play it for her and remind her of why she was going to marry Bradford: “Because he’s thoughtful and cares about me.   He talks with me and is kind.”  Seriously – she knows what really makes a man!
 We’ve had the pleasure of some family visits the past few weeks – everyone had to get a baby fix!
Aunt Kathy, Uncle Rod, Cousin Chris
Us with Aunt Paige, Abby, William, Grandma Bit and Uncle Will

Cousin Abby

Sweet Daddy…passed out on our date night at 8pm.
Poor Ellie – bad bought of bronchitis prompted a nebulizer, aka the “funky chicken”
Since I’ve posted we’ve celebrated not only Ellie’s birthday, but Poppa D’s as well.  He was a happy man with all his little granddaughters around him.  Our birthday gift to him was a breakfast feast made by all of us – eggs, hashbrowns, bacon…and chocolate chip muffins made by the girls.  I should have taken a picture of the placemat they made, with silverware with party hats on and a portrait of Poppa D.  A wonderful piece of work!
The first smile I captured!
There’s our update overload – so for now….Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Super duper cuteness!!! Jules is already looking so much like Clara & Ellie. Seems like last month it was Ellie so small!