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   Dec 14

2014 Family Update

Yeah, yeah, my monthly blog has literally turned into a once-a-year blog.  However, it IS a great way to wrap up a wonderful year!  Here you go:

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   Feb 20

Big Family Update

Well, apparently three kids is what does it to me – I finally fall off the monthly blog wagon and have completely and utterly slacked.  At this point, our life is documented on Instagram (@namastemamarose and @nathanlogsdon), so I’ll try to keep the gazillion daily pictures on there…which I typically share on Facebook…I’m so connected). It’s a […]

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   Nov 18

Happy Birthday Ellie Rose!

I swear one day I’ll have better updates, but for now, I’ll let pictures do most of the talking! The big news for October…Ellie turned three!  I can’t believe she’s getting to be a big girl – sometimes she’ll start to have a conversation with us and it’ll just hit me that she’s not just […]

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   Oct 07

Double Big Sisters and Baby Jules!

It’s obviously been quite some time since I’ve done a family blog update.  It’s amazing that the blog has been going for so long…honestly this is about the longest in between I’ve gone, and I’ve been doing this “monthly” update since right before Clara was born – over 5 1/2 years!  Essentially, this is the […]

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   Jul 13

Family Time!

I’m gonna make this short and sweet because I have a gazillion pictures and I could be lengthy here!  Some highlights in the past month: My beautiful niece Saoirse Sky Angaza was born!  I had the honor of being by Jared and Ilea’s side throughout the delivery – it’s completely different being the observer vs. […]

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   Jul 13

More June-ness

Apparently I missed a blog of goodness.  Here are a few more sweet pictures from June! This was my first ever Picaken – spice cake with apple pie and vanilla pudding frosting.  Weighed a ton.  Was delish.  The next one I did was an incredible peanut butter pie inside of a devil’s food chocolate cake […]

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   Jun 10

The Ultimate Zipline

Nathan and Papa installed a 320′ zipline at Papa’s house…was pretty iffy getting it up, but at this point, even YiaYia has gone down it!  Here are some great shots from it: Sweet moment with Papa… These pictures were taken this past week on a MUCH cooler camera than mine! LOVE this picture of Ellie!! […]

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   Jun 09

Happy Birthday Clara…and WHOOSH, there goes April, May and June!

I can’t believe my little Clara turned five in April.  I pulled up some pictures from my first blog post announcing her arrival and am hit that once again I’ll be bringing another one home in just four short months! She’s growing by leaps and bounds – we’re working on reading and she’s catching on […]

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   May 01

Sadness and Puppy’s Breath

A few weeks ago, we lost our sweet, sweet dog, Kenya.  She was hit by a car and her death came as a huge blow to all of us (especially Clara and me).  I wrote about our grieving process in my other blog, because letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. Clara, especially, took it hard and […]

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   Apr 15

More March Goodness

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my family?  Check these sweet girls out.  Ellie is just all about accessories, and the PotatoHead glasses are a favorite of hers.    On Dr. Suess’s birthday, we had green eggs and “ham” (tofurky).  Kids dug it.  🙂 Clara’s creativity is so fun to see: I  took […]

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