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   Jun 20

May and June, gone too soon!

Man, I’m really going to have to start doing more frequent updates so I don’t get overloaded with pictures!  Two months have flown by with weddings, vacations, birthdays, and firsts (Ellie’s a crawler now).  These blogs are becoming posts of few words and way too many pictures and videos (how can I choose just a few)??

So..here are the ones for now…we’ve had a month of birthdays as well–we first celebrated Clara’s birthday just with family…

And we took her to GiGi’s Cupcakes for a birthday cupcake.

Let’s just say that the cake part is simply a handle to hold while you eat icing.  Completely useless once the icing is gone. 
We also went down to GA to Scott and Ann’s family’s lakehouse for a surprise 60th for Uncle Steve–had a great time visiting with family!

Clara’s favorite obsession right now is worms (or wer-rums, as she says, since EVERYTHING has at least two syllables).  Aunt Sassa came through like a queen and got her a worm farm and the cutest book– Diary of a Worm.  Yes, we read it at least three times a day for a month straight.  We can all recite it.  

She’s had her ups and downs with Gymnastics, but overall she loves it–during her school break she actually did Gymnastics Camp from 9-3 two days–she did great one day…other day, not so much.  She’s definitely been a handful for me some days–the fickleness and high emotions fluctuate moment by moment.  We’ve had some incidences of tantrums so bad she’s slapped her coaches, stripped her clothes off, and woke the dead with her screams.  However, even with some major incidences (that also involved tons of activities/chaos, allergy issues and overall overload in her life), the coaches and teachers still seem to love her and I’m so grateful that they are willing to work with me and invest in Clara just as much as we do.  It’s been very healthy for Clara to understand that it’s not just about minding Mommy and Daddy but that all adults deserve respect and that sometimes she has to follow directions and do things she doesn’t want to do.  We’re working on showing her coping skills now that don’t involve slapping and stripping. That’s not really the behavior we’re going for.  

Ellie is Ellie.  All smiles 98% of the time.

Clara’s favorite buddies… “LK” (little Kate, not to be confused with “Big” Kate, who is not big at all, but an adult…therefore, HUGE).  

And then below, “Big” Kate’s boy, Hudson.  What a long, long way we’ve come.  These two were mortal enemies.  And now…awwww, look at ’em.
Clara’s school picture…

Some more of Clara’s great lines:
(while watching Shrek 3 where Shrek and Fiona are waking up in the morning and Shrek has no shirt on) “AH! Look!  Shrek is bug-nekkid!  Thas so funny!”

Favorite candy: “nem-n-nems”

Her two-syllable words:
Car-ah (car)
Hay-air (hair)
Dough-og (dog)
How-us (house)
I could go ow-un and ow-un….

She’s definitely a country girl.

Diary of a Worm
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Tickle Tickle
The Big Bug Book
Fairy Colors
The Spiffiest Giant in Town


  • Isabel Isabel from Natalie Merchant’s “Leave Your Sleep” Album                                                           (Okay–this 2-disc CD set is amazing.  We got this as a gift from Nathan’s Uncle Gray and Aunt Suzanne and  cousin Anna…Natalie Merchant took old poems from all over and put them to music–the talent in this album is incredible–definitely fun for adults and kids!)
  • Bungalow Bill (Beatles)
  • Mama Mia (Abba)
  • Tinkerbell
  • American Tale
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Robin Hood
  • Milo and Otis
Clara took this picture of Ellie and me (future photographer in the making)

Ellie’s Favorite book/song:

Ellie’s “words”:

Basically, at this point, you hear my children long before you see them.  Ellie is a loud, loud, LOUD baby.  She is the happiest little girl ever and is full of smiles and laughter–she loves everyone (although she’s pretty partial to Mommy right now) and just lights up when you talk to her. She responds by yelling at the loudest decibel she can muster.  Over and over again.  This makes for not-so-fun car rides, as Clara very clearly thinks that no one is as important as her, or really needs to be heard.  Ever.  So…Ellie screams, Clara screams louder to shush her.  Ellie thinks it’s fun, and screams back.  Thus ensues deafening madness that often results in screams and tears.  (It’s okay–I stop my sniffles and get back to being mommy quickly).

Really, though, Clara is an excellent big sister and really loves having Ellie around.  She helps me out by keeping little toys away from Ellie and always bringing her toys to play with.  She hugs and her and says “awww, she’s so cute!” Pretty sweet for a three-year-old.

She comes up with some great outfits as well.  Always has to dance in them.

We’ve had all kinds of work events at the Sanctuary.  Clara is the mascot and draws the names out of the bowl for all giveaways.  Let’s just say she doesn’t mind being the center of attention. 

So the big flood hit, and it even hit some of our neighbors pretty hard.  We lost a large portion of our big tree out back, but that was the extent of our damage–after the storm had passed, we all put our boots on and played in the ditches:

and Kenya peed in the ditches.  At least it was behind them.

Clara loves to get in the cage with Khaki and Wikars and play.
Let’s see–we’ve got birthdays and weddings.  May 8th was Jared and Ilea’s wedding celebration out at Mom and Dad’s house.  People everywhere for a week!  We had a great time visiting with everyone, although Clara definitely started fading on the socializing part. 
My brother Kevin and his whole crew came from CO and we got to meet sweet little Nikoda for the first time-he looks so much like Kevin’s baby pictures!
And speaking of look-alikes…

Eliza and Ellie…pretty similar!

Here are the two flower girls–Athena is Ilea’s other niece, and Aries, her nephew, was the ringbearer. 
Ellie decided to just eat Uncle Nate’s shirt at the reception dinner…

My cousin Rhoda took some great shots (this is of Ellie with my cousin Kate)

Got to walk down the aisle with my brother…we were the first ones down the aisle, and yep, I held up the wedding.  Let’s just say the Logsdon family did not particularly help in smooth runnings of the wedding.  Nathan was running around trying to find flower girl baskets, Jared is nervously pacing around, sees Nathan and looks for confirmation, and Nathan gives him a thumbs up sign.  Don’t do that to a nervous groom.  He took that as go-ahead to get the wedding started, and Ilea and bridesmaids were all still getting pictures done!  We rush over only to have Clara have a complete meltdown (her hundredth one of the day) on having me leave her to walk down the aisle.  Dramatic fall, flinging her basket of flower petals, wails ensued.  Wonderful.  Poor Kevin walked down the aisle alone the first time, and Jared got to call me out in front of 200+ people.  Sweet.  

As you can see, Clara did walk, but no one could make her smile about it!  Like Poppa D says, “I don’t know what she’s going to do in life, but by golly she’ll tell you how she’s going to do it!”  

Despite our family, the wedding was beautiful (geesh, even here, I see that I’m the only one without a bouquet–Clara took off with it when she went to sit down.  Even spoiled the pictures!).  Regardless, it was very sweet and I’m so happy for Jared and Ilea and their exciting future together.  

Their photography pictures are breathtaking–I’m eager to go through all of them next week at their house!

We left immediately after the reception to drive to Ft. Gaines.  Timed it well–got in the car by seven and both girls were passed out in less than 30 minutes.  Slept the whole six hours.  It was tough on us, but oh so nice and quiet.  We got up the next morning and visited with Grandma Bit:

Then drove from there to St. Georges Island for a week’s vacation!  And, knowing me like you do at this point, you know I took an insane amount of pictures.  So…I’m saving the beach pictures for their own post, which I’ll do maybe next weekend!

This year was Nathan’s big 3-0, so we had basically a week of surprises for him.  The weekend before his birthday we went out on the town with two other couples and had a great time.  Then the night of his birthday we had family dinner at Grammy and Poppa D’s house–all his favorite fixin’s (and an awesome chocolate cake made by his momma…with the three candles and the 0–I love it!)

Then, the weekend after his birthday, I set up an all-day fishing trip for him and the guys–they went to Caney Fork for the day to fish, and came back to a party of about 30 people at our place!  This was kind of a party for both Clara and Nathan, as we didn’t do a friends party for Clara this year.  I was trying to stick with the fishing theme, and since Clara also has the obsession with worms, I came up with this for the cake–the main cake is with a guy fishing and the pole leads to Clara’s smaller fish cake…with gummy worms all around.  😉

Poppa and Clara–it’s fuzzy, but I love her face here.  And Auntie Ilea and Ellie–love this picture as well!

Kate took the bug obsession to the next level by getting Clara a whole bug kit complete with a bug vacuum. She LOVES it and most nights we have the box filled with lightening bugs to sleep with her.  
Uncle Clay had us over to his house (he lives six houses down) for s’mores and burgers one night.  It was hot out and he and Cuckoo Bill (Will) came up with this grand idea for a pool for Clara.  Oh yes, the things great minds come up with for fun.  This was brilliant. 

Clara was a sucker for the s’mores…

We took Clara rock-climbing for the first time.  She loved it…BUT would not get in a harness.  So, didn’t climb much.  We’ll keep working on it–I think she’d get into it if she can learn to trust a harness.  
This past weekend we went up to Knoxville for one of Nathan’s old frat brother’s wedding.  We decided to take the opportunity to catch up with old friend–we got together with some of the core “Open Review” group from when we lived in Knoxville.  It was great to see them again–it had been ages!

I have to take a minute to share about Josh and Jess Wright’s product (they are the couple on the left with the cutest little boy!)
When we were in Knoxville, Josh started talking about this crazy idea about using cork as sleeves for coffee–like the cardboard sleeves you get at Starbucks.  Since then, he’s launched CoolCorc and I’m completely sold on it!  First off, the cork is beautiful looking, very soft (feels kinda like suede), durable like leather but doesn’t scratch or get water spots (it repels water).  Second, it’s good for the environment–unlike many other things, using the cork from the trees is actually good for them (I’m thinking it’s like how you want to dead-head flowers).  So here is this awesome product that is great for the environment and is so much cooler than leather.  So they elaborated on it and since Jess is such the seamstress (she is also the one that knitted the awesome dress for Clara that I had in a winter post), they have created all sorts of awesome things out of corc.  Purses (talk about lightweight), placemats, napkin rings, table runners (don’t need trivets because of the insulation on the cork), wallets, business card holders, journals, etc., etc.  I took some pictures of their product that they sell at the local Farmer’s Market and a store in Knoxville.  Nathan and I got business card holders and they branded an “L” on them for us–very cool.  

Yes, I could sell their products.  No, I don’t need another job.  But I’ll rave about these to everyone and you just may get a gift from here at some point!  🙂 
On to the wedding–it was a gorgeous wedding and we got to visit with a lot of Nathan’s old college buddies, which was nice. The reception was outside and it was blistering hot.  Everyone raved about what cute little girls I had…and we eventually stripped Ellie down to her bloomers and then everyone told me what a sweet little boy I had.  The power of clothing.  

Yes, right as I was taking this picture it dawned on me that if she just bumped against that table just a little…and, I almost had a heart attack. 
I could see how she could pass for a boy here…
I love these shots of her with “Uncle” John…although I think he has officially been dubbed “Big John” by her.  I like it!

I’ll end with final pictures of our cuties…

And yes, I put this one in a contest–so if you wanna, vote for her.
The amount of pictures I have from the beach are ridiculous–almost 400. I’ll try to condense them down a bit for you.  We’ll have more up soon.
Finally–Happy Father’s Day to all you daddies out there!  Nathan and the Poppas are so important in my life and the lives of the girls–I’m so thankful for all three of them. I love you guys!

   Apr 22

March Madness and April Anticipation

Hey Ya’ll!

(this just needed a caption)

Life is flying by, and spring has come with a vengence! March was crazy, and April has been a month of preparation…lots of things going on–work events, social events, Clara’s third birthday, the Tour of Homes coming up, Jared and Ilea’s wedding celebration…and four, yes four, of my dearest friends are turning 30 this year…including Nathan!

I’m gonna have to fly through these, as the amount of pictures and video are insane!

Where to begin, where to begin…
This is an old video that should have gone up last time and I forgot.  It was when my cousin “Aunt” Rhoda was here, and is too cute:
Then we have Clara doing the Hula Hoop (yes, we play the Wii Fit a lot, and Clara does the Hula Hoop with me):
Let’s let the pictures tell the story — obviously at the park on this day…
Clara not so happy, and Nathan is SO sympathetic…
I just have no idea where she gets the drama…
And yep, she’s such a supermodel
Our friends Kate, Hudson and Ryan Blocher
Cutie Ellie modeling her fun dress Leslie Goodman got her
All dressed up in our sweet doo-dads

Aunt Melissa with Ellie and Hudson

This night was a hoot–Crunkles Jared and Aunt Ilea came over and played–Clara had on the turban and her Indian shoes from Dubai that Dani bought her…  She danced all over the place and hung toys off of a suction cup she stuck on Jared’s head.  Classic. 
Even better is hearing Jared read the “Runny Babbit” book by Shel Silverstein:

Clara decided to dress herself and go shopping for “Milo and Ochus.”

Clara’s favorite sayings:
“Actually…”  (Actually, oh yes, I catch myself saying this all the time)
“Sure Not.”  (said very matter-of-factly when she doesn’t want to do something)
“Pupcakes” (Cupcakes)
“Naybe” (Maybe.  All the time)
“When I was a Mommy and you were a baby..”
“I used to do that when I was a dog…”
“Patching” (as in, the eggs are patching)

Sisters, sisters, there were never more devoted sisters…

This is great–first off, that Kate is actually holding all three kiddos (center baby is 7month old Avery that she babysits), but then you look at their wonderful facial expressions which basically explained our day that day…and lastly, Avery is SEVEN months old.  Ellie was just at 4 1/2 months here.  

Clara and I made cookie pops for our mom’s group Easter egg hunt–they were a big hit.  
Clara being creative:

Sweet little Ellie Rose…
Update on her–she is such a little socialite!  She loves people interaction, and is a little momma’s girl right now.  She is capable of rolling over and almost sitting up on her own…however, she’s pretty fine with being carried all the time!
Basically, there are two sides to Ellie.  She’s either like this:

This is my FAVORITE.  She’s my little donkey.  😉
Or like this..

Clara at the mom’s group egg hunt…
Clara loves her YiaYia

I’m a hat girl now.  I need some more, since I tend to wear this one all the time.

Papa has added two big tractor tires and a swing out on the property–just like I had when I was little.  I swear the tractor tires I had were five times this size.  Apparently they were actually smaller, but wow, when you’re two, they are huge!  Clara had a great time with her Papa painting the tires.

Easter Saturday we all went down to Mom and Dad’s for an Easter Egg hunt with friends/family.  Had a great time!

Easter morning…at least Nathan was excited!
Clara was just not as into the basket as we hoped.  Apparently we just need to do jelly beans…

Nathan, Clay and Will on Easter Sunday
Grammy and Papa D and girls at St. Augustine’s on Sunday morning…
And the real Clara comes out…

Clara has definitely become a big girl now–she is wearing big girl panties almost 100% (still off and on with nighttime), she’s starting to role play, which is a hoot, and today she has started narrating.  everything. in a song. I have a feeling it will get old fast.  But, it was pretty dern funny today as she narrated and sang about Ellie rolling around on the blanket, covering her face, me walking over, the bunnies jumping around, bunny poop, Kenya sniffing the grass, etc., etc., etc…
This is my favorite song that Clara sings…

But the big deal for me is that my baby girl is now in gymnastics!  She loves it–goes to Let It Shine Gym. And the really cool thing is that they do open play for mom’s groups on Fridays, so I actually get to go and play with this fun stuff, too!  Clara really does great, and loves to show off doing headstands now.

Second big girl step…she got a major haircut! I took her to Dudes & Divas–what a fun place! They chopped off close to 4 1/2 inches, and sprayed glitter in her hair after-she tells everyone about that.
We visited Dani and she got kimonos for both the girls–so cute!  We know what their next Halloween outfits are!
This is actually someone’s house.  And she is living my dream life at Silo Studios.  She salvages old furniture pieces and recreates them with all kinds of color–then opens up a huge room in her “house” one day of the month to sell them.  All the proceeds go to her dog rescue–read more about that on her blog.  It’s a great time, and I find awesome furniture there.  So much so that I’m not allowed to go for a bit–we have no more room in our house!

This is a great coloring table I got there that Clara and Hudson are trying out. 
Hudson is ready to go home. No clothes, but he’s got his shoes on.  
We had a Moms Group playdate at Let It Shine Gym–my excuse to be able to play there with Clara–so fun!

Okay, not so fun for Clara when BOYS take over the play area.

She’s got great balance.

Nathan needs to explain about Obesity…
Twinkle, twinkle, little star…
Finally, yes, Clara turned THREE yesterday!!  With the chaos of this month, though, we’re actually spacing out her birthday over a few months!  Yesterday she actually had a fever of 101 all day–she stayed home from school and we made muffins in the morning, Grammy and Uncle Clay came for lunch and then we went down to Gigi’s Cupcakes for a birthday treat.  Then last night had a picnic outside (basically every night now that the weather is great!), and then watched the Princess and the Frog for a movie night with her.  Next week we’ll do a just family b-day party, and then in late May early June we’ll throw a big birthday hoopla to celebrate all of our birthdays.  I’ll plan fun b-day stuff then!
And we’ll end with another of Clara’s great poses.

   Feb 17

Giggles and Girl Talk

All of you have already gotten your “Happy Walemtime’s Day” greeting from my girls, but there were just so many cute pictures from our little photo session, I’ll have to intersperse them throughout this blog:
Life with two–you don’t know until you’ve experienced it.  It has it’s highs and lows–and I’m feeling lots of sympathy for my brother and sis-in-law handling seven kids right now!  Speaking of, welcome to the world, Nekoda Scott!

This is the final baby to round out their family of nine.  I can’t wait to meet him and see the rest of the crew in May!
Obviously it’s a little more difficult to blog each month with two little kiddos under my feet.  I’m sitting here with Ellie in her Bumbo seat cooing and drooling like crazy.  

She’s getting to be a very social (and loud) little girl!  

Oh yes, I think I’m going to have my work cut out for me with potentially two very precocious little girls!

Clara’s conversations now are a hoot.  I wish I had a tape recorder at all times to catch some of the conversations.  Like this one:

Speaking of precocious, let me just share a few FaceBook updates I’ve had lately..

Clara’s favorite movie of the moment…”Dry Bones.” Aka, Fantasia.

Drum roll please…Ellie slept through the night last night–9:30-6am!!! Yay. Um, Clara, however, had a tantrum at 2:30 am and had to chill in the reflection chair. One day, my friends…one day I WILL sleep all night long again.

Clara’s favorite movie right now is Milo and Otis (Milo and Ochus, as she says). If you haven’t seen this through the eyes of PETA, watch again–you will have a heart attack. One of the more tame scenes shows a dog delivering puppies. Clara informed me that it’s time for the dog to poo-poo some babies out now, just like our baby Ellie. Wonderful.

Okay…somehow my “packing for the lakehouse” has broadened. I’ve vaccuumed the house, washed the dog, laundered the rugs, fed, bathed and dressed the kids, hemmed EIGHT pairs of pants after having a clothes crisis, and it’s only 10:30! Guess I should pack now…

The house, it is a wreck. Ellie’s awake, so what the heck. It’s a slow Monday and time to play–the house can wait–I’ve got a date–with my favorite baby, sweet baby Ellie!

Clara woke up freaking out about the bug in her room at 3 am…only to find out it was a plastic bug from the dollar store. Nothing like ear-piercing screams in the middle of the night.

Clara’s new term for burping…”Excuse me, I choked.”

Her favorite thing to eat…dried fruit, aka “betcha-bowls.”

Clara nursing her baby…

I’ve written two other blog posts regarding these wonderful times with Clara:

There’s No Place Like Home 

Clara’s Trip to the ER

 Cute shots of Clara with Papa and Yia Yia
Guess who took this shot of Ellie?  Could it be Aunt Sassa??

 Sweet moments
 The final muskateer to make us complete–Mel and I have inducted Kate into the fold, and the three of us are together all the time.  Kate’s son, Hudson, is 18 mos, and the same size as little Clara.  They have a love/HATE relationship.  Notice which one is capitalized.  Poor H doesn’t stand a chance.  Clara is a talker and always has been, and H can’t quite get his point across to her (although chucking things at her head at least provides an entertaining reaction).  They are doing a little better, and one day, oh yes, one day, Kate and I will be able to hang out and have our kids actually enjoy one another’s company.  I hope!
A rare sweet moment:
 This is my proud mommy moment.  Clara’s hair is finally long enough to french braid!  Yay!  We were so excited.
  We didn’t just stop there.  We tried curlers in our hair:
 Worked for all of five minutes in Clara’s, and didn’t even curl for mine!
Last option, the curling iron:
 A beautiful flip!  For three minutes.  Oh well. 
Ellie modeling another outfit…
Nathan and Clara doing the Wii together.
  Clara is standing on one of those little lap desks with the Styrofoam beads in it–perfect!
We visited Aunt Dani’s house and had a mini-Hillsboro reunion–all of Nathan’s old HS friends.  Hmm…notice all the guys in the picture.  Interesting…  🙂
And if you are wondering what is on the car seat, yes, it’s a big bag of lettuce and tomatoes.  And yes, there is a baby sleeping under that.
Aunt Dani and Clara put on a performance:

Nathan, the girls and I drove south of Atlanta to visit with Nathan’s cousin and his wife, Scott and Ann, at Ann’s family lakehouse.  We had a great time there–spent a long weekend just lazing around and playing games. On the morning we left, as we were cleaning up, Nathan was drying a wine glass and the stem of it broke and jammed the cut glass way up in his middle finger.  Proceeded in us running out to find a hospital, only to then get lost and find out the walk-in clinic was busy and wouldn’t see us that day.  So…no stitches for Nathan, and he has a “war wound” from a wine glass.  Sounds like us. 
On to our snow days.  Yes, Nashville has officially been shut down for quite some time.  This snow came out of nowhere, and was a ton for this area!  I wish I could say we’ve spent a ton of time out playing in it…but El is of course too small, and Clara…well, she handles it in small doses.  It took her a while to heh, “warm up” to it.
One of our short excursions, and before we pulled out our kickin sled.
This was the interstate.  Yes.  The merge lane.  Impressive how prepared we are when snow comes, isn’t it?
I’ll take this moment to post a shameless plug for the Subaru Outback.  This car is incredible in the snow.  Nathan tried to spin out (only on isolated country roads, Papa D!) and it was close to impossible–the car handles beautifully on ice/snow.  
Clara and I built a snow-midget:
And then she decided we needed to make him “Santa Claus”:
(notice the beard now)

We spent one evening doing a movie night/picnic in the living room–watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and had sandwiches and popcorn.  Clara had a blast and still talks about it.

Uncle Clay and Cuckoo Bill come over fairly often to hang with the girls, eat some food, or “rent” a movie from us.  It’s great having Clay live six houses down–we love it!
Speaking of love, there is a lot of love going on between my two little girls.  Ellie just lights up when Clara comes around.  And Clara always wants to know where “her” baby is.  


Clara after helping me make pancakes…
 We’re finally getting around to socializing with the HipMama’s group again that I’m a part of–here was the Valentine’s party with some of them:

Finally, Aunt Rhoda came to visit!  We had a great time hanging out, and Clara enjoyed playing in, I mean with, the blocks.
Now, like this picture, this session is over!

   Feb 03

Clara’s visit to the ER

 I was doing so well–spent all morning playing with Clara, cutting out Valentines and drawing, dancing, etc, etc…and then I actually had three hours of peace and quiet while both girls slept! But then…Clara woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She wanted juice. She then proceeded to slam the juice (and herself) down on the floor for no apparent reason. I told her to pick it up. She wouldn’t. I told her I’d help her to pick it up. I took her hand to have her stand up, and she took that moment to start a screaming temper tantrum that resulted in her slamming herself to the ground…with me still holding her hand for her to stand up. This resulted in a resounding pop in her arm. I felt the sickening pop and twist and knew something wasn’t quite right.

At first I hoped it was nothing, but her screams weren’t just a tantrum–that was definite pain. She grabbed her forearm screaming that she needed a band-aid–that it hurt. We got a bandaid and I saw the arm swell. A full five minutes later I was in the car with both girls headed to the closest ER, convinced I must have broken her little arm.

Clara was a champ and kept her cool, with just random bursts of tears if she tried to move her arm. I explained everything the triage nurse would do to her and she was very obedient–and wanted to know if this was my doctor. Then she proceeded to tell the nurse what happened:

“A spido (spider) bit me. A white spido.”
nurse: “oh, I hate spiders–how scary!”
“no, spidos aren’t scawy–he’s my fweind. he plays with me and eats snacks.”

Then Nathan rushed in (I’d called him to come from work on my way there) and I say “Oh look–here’s Daddy!” which Clara then proceeded to turn to me and say, “Mom, it’s not Daddy, it’s Dad.” Well sorrrrry.

We get to see the doctor, and doc says it’s a common accident he sees–it’s most likely not a break, just a dislocated elbow from the socket. So he asks me to hold her and he starts massaging and maneuvering her arm and popping the bone back in place…ugh–not fun. She was crying in pain but really pretty stinkin’ composed. He said it should start feeling better pretty quickly, and he left us to wait a bit.

Clara held it for a bit, more scared that it would hurt than actual hurting. She finally tested it out and found out it didn’t hurt anymore. So she said…

“Hey, my arm doesn’t huwt anymore. That doctow took my awm and he went like this (simulating the moving around that the dr. did to her elbow) and then it doesn’t huwt now! Yep, I always liked that doctow.”

When the dr. came back and checked it out, she gave him smiles and held her fist out for “knucks” to hit his fist. He was a little taken aback by that. Obviously Clara was in great spirits then, and even more so when they brought her in a Popsicle. So, thankfully, Clara came out unscathed, and only her shirt was left broken–they cut it off of her, so no more cute “Big Sister” shirt. 🙁

Everything is fine now, but I felt awful about it. Fortunately, the ER wasn’t phased and said it’s really common–it’s a big deal to have a broken bone because it takes a LOT to do that with pliable kid bones–but coming out of socket is pretty normal. I was just advised not to come in with a similar injury again…hint, hint. And yes, while the nurse is telling me this, Clara is talking over him, telling him “You better watch your steps.” Ironic, huh.

Lesson learned. Regardless of how wild your child is, or whether it’s a tantrum or in fun, do not, I repeat, do NOT, hold on to them by their hand/wrist while they become a dead weight. Not a good idea. Ever.

And thus began our evening. Off to a birthday party immediately after (an hour late)…commencing to meltdown in zero point two seconds after we got there, whisked home, eat dinner, and GO TO BED. All is well again in the Logsdon abode.

   Jan 09

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Can’t believe it’s been a decade in the new millennium already.  I decided to bring in the new year with a new ‘do.  Now, just working on the post-baby body and aiming for getting back to normal again!  As you can see by the picture, everyone is healthy and happy, and Ellie is growing by leaps and bounds.  While Clara has always stayed in the 10th percentile, Ellie started in the 47th and is up to the 53rd already (for those of you that don’t know, that means that only 47% of kids are bigger than she is.  Obviously she’s not huge, but definitely a bigger girl than Clara!

December is over, and although knew there was a shift in the room when we moved Clara in, little did I know that we’d move from this:

to THIS:

You just can’t escape clutter and toys with a toddler–it’s so fun to see them excited with toys!

Of course a ton has happened throughout the month of December, so I’ll hit the highlights.

First off, my brother Jared got MARRIED!!! Although they are doing a big celebration in the spring, they wanted to go ahead and tie the knot as soon as they could in the states, so Jared, Ilea, Nathan, Ellie and I went out to the Richey’s cabin (a place that Jared and I have been to a lot growing up) and their pastor friend Steve Cherico came out to do a private ceremony. It was beautiful–very intimate and sweet and we were honored to be a part of it. There are a ton of pics, but here are some of my favorites:

Clara, Ellie and I went to see Sesame Street Live (compliments of Aunt Dani, of course!) with some new friends of ours…

Clara and Stephen were trying to get a sneak peak of the characters in the meet and greet:

I decided to ask Clara about her friends…and didn’t prep her at all–this was completely random, but apparently her cousins (and Aunt Ilea) have made a big impression on her!

Moving on to Christmas!

Of course I tried and tried to get those great Christmas pictures…here are some for the Christmas cards I never sent out…

And the Christmas card I don’t think Grammy and Poppa D sent out…

And some shots of Ellie:

And shots of both the girls…

El with her daddy…

Clara with her Grammy…

Ellie with her Grammy:

Clara with her headlamp dancing to Christmas music with her pink Christmas tree!

Both Clara and Ellie got to be in the St. Augustine’s Christmas pageant. Everyone in town came–All the Logsdon family, of course, plus YiaYia and Poppa, Grandma Bit, and Aunt Sassa

Ellie had the honor of playing Jesus! She was perfect–didn’t make a peep, and just looked out at all the kids and smiled.

The little girl who played Mary took her role as “protector” very seriously. If any of the kids to much as looked at Ellie, she’d “whisper” (rather loudly) “DON’T TOUCH HER!”

Clara wasn’t 100% thrilled about being an angel–too many kids in her face–but she went up after making a pit stop in Poppa D’s arms….

Clara and Ellie got lots of great Christmas presents in the mail throughout the month, and I got this one from Scott and Ann on video–here you go!

Although we saw Santa from a distance at the mall (I asked Clara if she wanted to see him and she said “um, no thanks”), we actually went to Dave Ramsey’s office and saw Santa there! It was perfect–no one else was in there since we got there right at the tail end of the day, and it was a much better atmosphere to tell Santa everything she wanted. Most popular request by Clara: “stickers” (said with a lisp, of course). She also wanted to know if the reindeer could talk…which Santa informed her they talked to him in a special language, which then prompted Clara to start showing Santa her sign language. Very cute. Ellie was passed out for most of it and coulda cared less that Santa had her.

And now here is where the pictures start to dwindle. The night before Christmas Eve we woke up to Clara throwing up at midnight. Followed by four more times throughout the night. Unfortunately, I also got to visit the porcelain throne. We both felt horrible and I thought it was food poisoning, until I called Dad the next day and found out he, too, was yakking at midnight. Yuck.

So, Christmas Eve we were all at the Logsdons–all the Millers and the Logsdons plus Grandma Bit from GA. It’s become a sweet tradition–three years now that we’ve all gotten together. This time, though, no Christmas carols were sung or Karaoke parties ensued…Dad and I spent the evening watching everyone else have fun as we tried to keep our eyes open (which I failed miserably at and passed out on the couch), and everyone left after dinner so Clara, Dad and I could recover. Here is YiaYia and Clara in her Christmas dress…looks cute but feels awful…Unfortunately, with all of the amazing food over the holidays, Clara, Poppa and I didn’t get to really enjoy the food.  🙁  It looked amazing, though!

That night we came home and pulled out gingersnap cookies for Santa, and Daddy and Clara sat down to write a letter to him:

(And sure enough–the next day Santa had eaten up all of the cookies and had written a letter back to Clara!)

Twas the night before Christmas…

Ellie tried out Clara’s new baby bed

Ellie and I um, watched Clara and Daddy open up her stocking…

I did catch some cute video first:

Then we started a new tradition–instead of us scrambling to get everyone over to Grammy and Poppa D’s, everyone came to our place Christmas morning! We had a Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bagels and lox, and had a great time opening up all of the gifts. Clara went shopping at the Dollar Store and picked out some great gifts for everyone:

Clara LOVES her new sand/water play station! Since it’s so cold outside, we decided to set it up in the playroom. Instead of sand, we did rice…and then figured out that finding little pieces of rice in the shag carpet isn’t fun, either, so we’ve upgraded to beans, and it’s perfect!

After Christmas at our place, we then headed down to YiaYia and Poppa’s house for Christmas #2:

Nathan’s African gift has a little hint of America…not sure where….

And here is where the huge gap is. Saturday and Sunday was filled with family members visiting–Caroline’s (Grammy’s) two brothers came in town with their families. Saturday night we had Christmas with Uncle Grey/Aunt Suzanne/Anna and Uncle Will/Aunt Paige/Abby/William and the rest of the Logdson family and Grandma Bit. We had a great time visiting with everyone, and they all stayed through till Monday, so we spent a lot of time together. Saturday morning we did brunch at my parent’s house and visited with Mom’s sister, Aunt Margie, and my cousin Andy and his wife Rebeccah. All of these people and I didn’t get one picture of anyone!! 🙁 If anyone has pictures, email them to me and I’ll add them here!

Saturday night, Clara threw up again. It was pretty scary, as Nathan found her on her back choking on her vomit. She threw up even more, but the poor thing had nothing to throw up–she hadn’t eaten in three days! Definitely made us nervous, and we opted to not go down to GA on Monday as we had planned. Since we had free time, we decided to have fun and go places we haven’t been with the kids before! We went to the Cumberland Science Museum and also to BounceU with the infatables–had so much fun!

Nathan multi-tasking–making coffee and holding Ellie–just like a Momma. 😉

On New Year’s Eve we went to Melissa’s house–partly for new year’s, but also to celebrate her birthday! I made a homemade Red Velvet Cake. I have to say, although I love baking from scratch, those cake box mixes really do taste better. I wasn’t too thrilled with the cake, but the icing on this cake was AMAZING. Click on the link to make the icing–it’s the best icing EVER.

We had a great time on New Years–Clara was a hoot. There were about 11 of us there, and Clara had to try on everyone’s shoes, and then she started taking pictures of everyone–it was hilarious–she would scrunch her face up so tight trying to press the button…

Anyway, she played with Jonah the cat, hammed it up with everyone.

So…that’s our month in a nutshell…I have to say, I’m a lucky, lucky woman. Of course there are moments as a mother of two small kids that I want to pull my hair out, but I am blessed–so blessed! The girls are amazing, I’ve got a husband who is in love with his family and super-involved, and incredible extended family all close by that get along and we enjoy being with! I’m excited for this next year, and as I look back on ’09, I just thank God that I get to live this life. Thank you all for your involvement in our lives–we are so rich in the relationships around us and grateful for each and every one of you. We love you all!

Clara singing…she can sing a lot of really cute songs, but as soon as I pull out the camera, she clams up.  Apparently she’s not push-button entertainment:

   Dec 09

November is over and Christmas is coming so fast!

Time flies with two kids, and especially this time of year I’m overloaded with pictures and not a lot of time to post!  This first month has been wonderful, despite sick kiddos, sick parents, filthy houses and Christmas shopping frenzies.  Clara is, for the most part, a great big sister.  She is very, very sweet and loving and does not like for Ellie to be upset at all.  On the flipside, boy is she a fiesty little one lately!  We’ve had quite the battles with naps and bedtimes, and when we tell her to do something, she’ll do the teenage response of “I am doing it!…but in her two-year old grammer, she says “I’m are doing it!”  
Quick run-down on November…
Clara is growing up so fast, of course…I tried to get her to sing her ABCs and count to 20, but of course she won’t perform.  I DID get her to say this, though…

Garrett and Ethan Peveler LOVE baby Ellie and are so sweet with her!
Yia Yia has her first published children’s book!  “I Wanna be ME” is the first in a series of books she’s writing about her grandchildren–they are so cute!  This first one is devoted to my niece, Autumn Grace, who likes to be more of a tomboy than a girly-girl.  🙂

Nathan kept with the tradition he started last year and gathered a TON of leaves from all over the neighborhood for our back yard.  Ended up being about 7′ by 12′–and the guys had just as much fun as the kids playing in it!
Clara has the best laugh ever:

Ellie is a sweetie–very laid back and calm.  She loves to be held and talked to–very social, yet she’s quiet.  Um, quite the opposite of her big sister, who has had lungs like a banshee since she was born!

Here is Ellie singing already:

Speaking of big sister…Clara likes stickers.  A lot. They show up in all sorts of places.
And Ellie is all about trying new foods…

Clara loves playing with her friends–this is “baby Olive” Slocum–she was showing her the spider living in the window.  By the way, Clara is cool with most bugs, but Daddy long legs freak her out.  Oddly enough, when asked at Thanksgiving what she was thankful for, she said “spiders.”  Hmm. 
Papa D celebrated a birthday this month, and got a new putting green.  He had to break it in with Clara–she’s his golfing buddy. 
Nathan is the best daddy two little girls could ask for. He dotes on them both and as much as he’s a guy through and through, he is wrapped around both Clara’s and Ellie’s little fingers.  He steps up to the plate to help with the kids and truly be involved with them.  Ellie already lights up when he starts talking to her.
Clara was doodling the other day at YiaYias and did a straight up Picaso face.  YiaYia was very proud. What a genius.  🙂 
Don’t know if I need to say much for this one.  It’s just classic.  Girls go to the bathroom together no matter what age.  And what’s a potty without a good magazine?
I love the “sweet” way Clara is forcing Ellie’s head up in this shot…
The whole Miller crew came over for dinner before Thanksgiving for our holiday meal.  Soon-to-be Aunt Ilea  is a natural with Ellie and I basically hand her over right away–it’s wonderful.  YiaYia and Papa got Clara the Polar Express in 3-D, and Clara enjoyed watching some of it with YiaYia and then Papa…but the Veggie Tales snow globe soon took the limelight, and then exhaustion took over, and they both were close to passing out.

Moving on…lots of sweet smiling Ellie pictures…
We went to Kentucky for Thanksgiving–spent with the WHOLE Logsdon crew.  David’s two sisters and their family, plus the patriarch of it all, Gramps.  It was a great time–as soon as I walked in with Ellie, Gramps immediately went for his wallet to give her $1.  He then passed them out to everyone else.  He used to give out $2 bills, and Nathan even brought some for him to hand out, and he pocketed them and gave out $1 bills instead, so he made 100% return!  Needing to save up in the tough economic times. 😉
So Thanksgiving has passed and we’re in full swing to Christmas.  Our Christmas tree is out back, settling.  Clara and I went out just the two of us and picked it out yesterday.  We’re getting new windows tomorrow, and then up goes out tree right in front of our picture window–can’t wait!  I’m loving the holidays.  Since I was up for a 4am feeding on Black Friday, I figured what the heck and actually went shopping–got about 90% of my shopping done before 7:30am!
Clara has said some of the funniest things lately, and is turning into such a little adult.  We’re prepping her big-time for Santa this year, and apparently I’ve said “maybe Santa will get it for you” a little too often–now anything she likes at any store, or that I stop and look at, she’ll tell me “maybe Santa will get it.”  We took her to the $ store to go shopping for Christmas gifts for family–the things she picked out are great, but her tone of voice in saying “yes, maybe Grammy would like that” was awesome.
I know this Christmas will be a blast–and I’m sure I’ll once again have a ton of pictures!

   Oct 29

Ellie Rose is Here!

Yes, sweet little Ellie Rose has finally made her appearance, and is officially twelve days old as I write this. In lieu of a gob of birth announcements, here is her “official” announcement:
We are all doing well…although I tried for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), that didn’t happen. I went into labor around 3am on Thursday morning, and it progressed very quickly compared to the first time. I went all natural all the way through, and hit a roadblock at pushing, same as with Clara. She simply wouldn’t go past my pelvic bones to be delivered. Instead of prolonging it for 3+ hours, after an hour and a half of pushing with no progress, I opted to go ahead and do another cesarean. Honestly, I have no regrets with how labor went, and am happy I did it the way I did.
With Clara, she was positioned wrong and I always thought that was why I couldn’t deliver her–so I always held a “what if” stance on being able to deliver completely naturally. With Ellie, my dr. was able to get her positioned correctly and everything was perfect for a VBAC…except for the size of my pelvis! That, unfortunately, is the issue, and I’ve decided it’s far more important to have a healthy baby/mommy than it is to wear the badge of an all-natural labor. During surgery, they had a hard time getting Ellie’s shoulders out, so even if I had been able to deliver her head, we would have most likely had issues with her shoulders. I feel like I’ve given it my best shot, and know that my next baby will be a scheduled c-section–no need to do the labor part again! I’m so grateful for the amazing Dr. Schlechter–I don’t have enough kind words to say about her–she was incredible and such an advocate for me.
We were going to wait and do a big introduction for Clara and Ellie, but the night I delivered, Mom and Dad had Clara–Mom was with me, and Dad had Clara–so they were going to switch out and not bring her in, but give Dad a chance to meet Ellie. As soon as they got to the hospital, Clara was full of questions about if I had baby Ellie out of my belly yet and how she wanted to meet her…so we went ahead and let her come in. She was thrilled!
Uncle John (although he’s now being referred to as “Big John”) and Shelley came to visit…
So did Uncle Clay…
I wanted some sweet tea…Church’s has it!
Aunt Sassa came with non-hospital food…
Clara loves her baby sister, but the cable tv on the wall definitely grabbed her attention.
Cuckoo Bill visited…
Nathan got a little stir crazy while I was sleeping off the pain…
I can just see her plotting things to do with Ellie right here:
Ellie has…shall we say…long toes:
Going home from the hospital
Clara was excited to show off her house and her toys:
Clara is an excellent big sister, and we’ve really had an easy time–thankfully in the eleven days Ellie has been with us, she’s been a saint! I thought Clara was such an easy baby…but compared to Ellie, she was my harder child! I have definitely lucked out so far (knock on wood).

Clara doing her favorite pastime…
This is more typical of toddler/infants…but actually doesn’t happen very often–usually these faces are reversed!
Oh yes, the ultimate mommy position…
Clara playing with Uncle Clay and Daddy–she was putting them to sleep.
Now we’ll go back a bit–this was a day or two before I delivered–we went to Radnor to walk with David and Caroline.
Grammy and Poppa D and ClaraThis was actually the day I delivered. I went into labor at 3am and we went to the Dr. at 11am to get monitored–this was right before then. I was supposed to go back and get monitored again at 2pm, but by then my contractions were so intense I went straight to the hospital.
On Sunday (the day we got home), Clara got a great treat. Anita and Steve Rich got her tickets to see Curious George Live at TPAC. Not only that, she got a private meet and greet! I love this picture from when the show first started.
Her dates to the event, along with Steve and Anita, were her Daddy and Poppa D–she had a blast and was on a sugar high when she came home–complete with stickers, candy, a $5 balloon, a doll…oh yes, she’s spoiled, but so worth it to see that precious smile! 🙂
For Halloween Clara was a ladybug and Ellie was a pink teddy bear…so fun!We went to Ghouls of Grassmere at the zoo like we do every year–always fun to trick or treat at the zoo!
The morning after…she dressed herself. Must’ve had a hard night of partying…
Happy Howl-o-ween!

   Oct 04

Still no baby…

It’s the dreaded waiting game where every time I make a phone call I have to preface it with “No, I’m not in labor” and every email, facebook update or text is asking if baby is here… NOPE!!

Although I have had every symptom of pre-labor short of my water breaking, I am STILL not in labor! Actually had contractions this past weekend and went in to my Dr. appointment on Monday and they went away. Talk about frustrating! It’s now Thursday and baby is content to just lie around and kick me instead of coming out!

Hopefully she’ll come soon–at the latest, I’m scheduled for a c-section on the 28th, but her technical due date is the 20th, and all signs point to soon! Mainly right now is just a waiting game for our new arrival!

Clara, Aunt Sassa, and her neice Josey and I spent a day at Centennial Park–talk about two little divas!

Clara getting some snuggle time with Poppa…Clara playing in a “nest” of fresh cut grass at the playground behind the library. I sat down and ended up with an awful infection/rash…we still haven’t figured out if it was a spider bite or breakout from something, but it resulted in me having to get a cortisone shot (which supposedly would make me go into labor sooner–yeah right!). I have been miserably itchy for weeks now!

We went apple-pickin’ at Breeden’s Apple Orchard in Mt. Juliet–it was a great time and Clara loved it–still eating apples from it! We want to go back with YiaYia and Poppa and then go make applesauce like I used to do with Mom and Grandma Clara–we still have all of the old materials to can homemade applesauce…and once you’ve tasted it freshly made, you will forever be an applesauce snob.

We spent another wonderful day at the zoo the other day with Daddy, and he got to experience a bunch of lorikeets landing on him!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re really pushing the Clara/Daddy bond, and she loves spending time with him–at this point, Daddy has to give her a special “snugga tuck snug bug rug” at night!

More cutie pics of Clara–the little princess!

The cage is for Kenya…really. We promise…Last Saturday we went to Gentry Farms with my great mom’s group–got to meet other hubbies and had a great time!

Clara and her friend Sydney LOVED playing in the wheat and corn troughs!

Clara and I had “craft day” the other day and made these little spiders–Clara painted the eggshells black and they have battery-operated tea lights inside so their eyes glow–they turned out great!

She also painted a picture of “rain” that we framed in her room, plus drew a picture of our spiders, plus made a picture plaque for her baby sister’s bassinet in the hospital so she can pick out “her baby”! Yes, I am so prepared it’s disgusting–even more so than I was with Clara. I don’t think there is ANYTHING left for me to do but sit and wait!!

Clara LOVES to sing…

So that’s it for now…and hopefully I’ll be posting in the next week or two with an announcement on beautiful baby girl #2!

   Aug 23

Clara is a Big Girl!

It’s been quite some time now and I’ve passed my typical one-month update. So of course I have a ton of pictures and lots of updates. I’ll try to be brief, but we’ve had one busy season since the last post!

A few big events…

  • Clara is potty trained!! Still working on naps and nighttime, but has been accident-free for about a month now, and adjusted with no problem.
  • She now is in a big-girl bed! I wasn’t really planning on doing this so soon, but considering she has no problem climbing out of her crib, we decided now was as good a time as any. Just so happened to be the same week as potty-training, though. It went smoothly for the first few nights until the “new” wore off…then we had some hellish nights of 2 hour tantrums in the middle of the night, and at this point we’re pretty good, with any bedtime battles not usually lasting over 15 minutes.

    • NO MORE PACIFIERS. I thought this would be a huge issue. I started prepping her about how we were going to give her pacis to the CareBears to give to the new babies (prep for when new baby sis has one). She decided to give a paci to “Care-A-Lot Bear” and was shocked to find out that Care-A-Lot gives her a Reeses cup in exchange! Well that was it and she rounded up every paci in the house over the next week and gave it to the Care Bears. No fuss at all, and actually, when she found one a few weeks later, she came running to me so excited–didn’t put it in her mouth, but wanted to find her CareBear to give it to him! By the way, she decided to make all three of these transitions in one week, so I was in shock that everything went as smoothly as it did!
She also has this weird fixation with onions…

At the end of June, my mother’s side had a mini-reunion here in Nashville for her family to visit my Grandma Polly who lives in a retirement center here. It was a great time visiting with my two aunts, Mom’s aunt and cousin, and my cousin and his wife! Below next to me is my grandmother who had her 80th birthday this January, her sister Jimmie, Jimmie’s daughter BethAnn, and my aunt Jean.
I finally got a picture of Clara with her godmother, “Aunt Sassa.” We’re about to head out next week for a beach vacation with “Aunt Sassa”, Yia Yia and my neice Autumn–I’ll post pictures soon from that!

For the fourth of July weekend, we drove down to Ft. Gaines to visit with Grandma Bit. Grammy, Pop and the uncles went down as well and we had a nice relaxing holiday weekend.The four of us took Clara to a golf course to get a private view of the fireworks. I made the brilliant mistake of sitting down on an old bench and also on the ground and came home with a whole backside covered in chigger bites. I still have traces of the bites all over!

Nathan was a little jazzed about the fireworks..which were pretty far away from our vantage point…
I love her little laugh:

Clara enjoyed seeing Grandma Bit and we had a great time visiting and playing at her place!

And we’re so glad that “Dr.” Poppa D came with us…

We’ve of course had many trips to the zoo, and Grammy and Pop came for member night one night…Grammy and Daddy had a little too much fun on the carousel ride…

I love this…right in mid-fall. She plopped hard on her butt and wasn’t as happy as I was about this picture. She recovered quickly, though.I realized the other day that I had no pictures of my best friend Melissa and I really since college, even though she was the maid of honor at our wedding! I finally got Nathan to take a few pictures when we visited her at her new place.
And a shot of my ever-growing belly…which has doubled in size since this picture, as you’ll see near the bottom…
This is Clara before her first haircut. She doesn’t have much, but what little she had just hung in her eyes and looked scraggly, so I took her to Snip-Its and they made a big deal out of her first haircut and she got a certificate and a toy and a sucker and was perfect!

Clara chillin’ on the trundle part of her big girl bed right before the pacis went to the CareBears.

I went majorly Suzy-Homemaker the other day and converted my twice-baked potatoes to mice. Clara loved it. Nathan and Clay…they humored me.

Yia Yia, Clara and I met up with Holly, her mom Vickie, sister Amy, and the Peveler kids and went blueberry picking down in Franklin. We had so much fun and the kids definitely ate more than they put in the bucket. I had enough berries to make a kickin’ blueberry cobbler, though!

Happy family picture out at Yia Yia and Poppa’s.

Nathan GQ posing at the locomotive…

Some cousins of Grammy’s came into town for the evening, and we had a great time playing music and dancing:

We went to Beersheba Springs for a weekend trip with the whole Logsdon family and other friends. It was beautiful and we had such a great and relaxing time! Thank you so much, Grammy and Poppa D, for the amazing trip! We hiked, played in waterfalls, had incredible singing and visiting…it was perfect.

Cuckoo Bill getting in some rock climbing…

The whole crew of friends/family.

Clara is all about dancing in the rain:

Clara was a kitty for a while…Uncle Clay had to hop up and be a cat with her.

These swings were all over the huge porches at the place we stayed–it was so relaxing! In the evening, everyone sat around and sang/played guitar/mandolin and we sang Clara to sleep…about put me to sleep, too!

Clara’s tee-pee in our back yard. It was growing beans and peas, and Clara loved to go out and eat “mommy beans”…apparently she ate so many that there aren’t any more now. It’s now been taken over by some kind of crazy squash plant.
Clara and I had so much fun with blueberry picking that we had to go back and take Nathan. We just so happened to hit on their last day, and picked a ton of them!

You see where Clara put her blueberries…

Clara loves her Kenya

Last week, the whole Colorado Miller family came to visit! I got some great shots of the kids, and how much they’ve grown now! They stayed for a week and we had a wonderful family visit!

Ian and Clara had lots of fun playing together, as you can see. Whenever we’d pull up to my parent’s house, Clara would say “oh, my cousins! I love my cousins!”

Um…except for sweet baby Serene. She loves her, but definitely needs to work a little on the whole baby situation. Serene started crying while crawling around near Clara. Upon asking Clara what happened, she told me “I kicked-ed him in da face.” That’s just not quite the loving sister quality I’m looking for!

She did play well with the kids for the most part, and really enjoyed them, as we all did! Oldest niece Autumn is still here, and we’re headed for a beach vacation tomorrow morning–can’t wait!

Once the Miller family left, it was just Autumn, and we all met at Centennial Park to feed the ducks…Clara again hitching a ride and holding on to the “handlebars.”

Clara is so easy to get a shot of…

And yes, I’m thinking I can’t really hide the whole pregnant thing anymore…After lots of Miller visiting, we spent a morning with Grammy and Poppa D–out to breakfast and to Dragon Park. Clara took a “rest” on Poppa D’s head…

And yes, that’s my sweet girl peeing in a field next to a playground…
We may have a singer on our hands, too–Clara is just like Nathan–she hears a song once and can sing the lyrics…scary!

Last but not least…I didn’t get this blog up before we went to the beach, so quick update! We had a BLAST. It was Melissa, YiaYia, Autumn, Clara and I, and it was a wonderful trip–rained the whole way down there, then two days of perfect sun (not too hot, not too cold), and then poured the whole way back! We found the best restaurant ever–some little local dive called Bahama Bob’s–it was so good we went back the last night and ordered the same meal again…even after I’d found a fly in the dressing the first night! You’ll see a picture in the slideshow of what we ate.

We all had a great time relaxing and enjoying each other, playing games and laughing our heads off, getting baked in the sun, playing in the ocean–it’s definitely something we want to do again! Here’s a slideshow of our full trip–not too long!

One last video, I promise. This was just a hoot–I love how she occupies herself:

I hope every one of you who read this is having a wonderful summer. I know at this point there are a lot of people who we don’t get to see often, and this blog is our way of sharing our family with them to stay connected–please keep me posted on what is happening in your life as well–we love and appreciate you all!

   Jun 23

That’d be okay…

So it’s blog time again, and I’ve got gobs of pictures, as usual. Clara has officially graduated to the “terrible twos” and wow, can she throw a tantrum! The other day Nathan and I experienced a raging fit at nap time where she didn’t climb, she LEPT out of her crib. Yikes! Unfortunately, she also had crazy hair and looked like a banshee and we really, really had a hard time keeping straight faces. That seems to be our biggest problem. Although it’s not funny, um, it IS.

Thankfully, it’s not all about tantrums in our daily life (although it crops up quite a bit!). Clara is so much fun–she’s starting to say very funny things–“Dat be good” is my favorite constant phrase, said in every context imaginable.

We are in the process of giving all of her pacifiers to the Care Bears to give to the new little babies. She gave away two today…of her own accord, she offered it, and then when she found out that Love-A-Lot thanked her with a mini Reeses cup, she had no problem finding another paci to give her!

She is also very ready to be potty trained. I picked up a nifty potty watch today to help her keep track of when to go. But…both this and the paci I’m going to hold off on ’till next week…after our twelve hours in the car going to and from Ft. Gaines for the fourth…

Quick commentaries on the Logsdon lives…

YiaYia and Papa’s house had four little kitty arrivals with no momma in site. Day by day one would disappear until there was only one, which Mom has dubbed “Tinkerbelle” and goes by Belle. Coincidentally, we “tink” Belle is a boy…and my cousin has voted for the name of “Bill.” We’ll see if that flies.

Clara loves to put on Mommy’s makeup…
Yes, even on her feet.
And now for a round of glamour shots–yes, there are a ton, but geesh–can you blame me?

Oh yea, can we say a little ham??

We’re loving the summer, and went to Dragon Park with the Peveler fam…

Went to yet another wedding…I’m thinking this is wedding number fourteen for Clara? She loves the dance floor!

Oh yes, I DID do a skin-tight dress with my preggo belly. Looking back, not so sure it was the greatest idea…
Speaking of preggo–quick update on that…for those of you that don’t know yet, Clara is going to have a little sister! Names still seem to be the biggest issue, but we’ve got a few more months to hash this part out. Clara feels the baby kick–she kicks me a LOT. The first kick was actually at Cuckoo Bill’s concert–the loud music was just what it took for Nathan to feel her kick for the first time! Everything is checking out great at the dr–she said she had nothing to tell me because everything was perfect, so that’s a good thing! I’m nervous about August/September, though-it’s already hit the high 90s in June!

This was on our Facilitator Certification day with 48 Days–Dad and I trained a great group of facilitators for the 48 Days Classes!

The next weekend was a Roundtable Weekend–big small business event with work. My brother and sis-in-law Kevin and Teri flew in, and we all had lunch at our place on Sunday before they flew out. Of course, the best part of that visit was my cutie little neice, Serene!

Just check out those eyes!
Clara decided to go the tomboy route on the hot day and take in some refreshment. Oh, if we could all be kids again…

Three weeks ago we had a big event–Clara’s first day of “School!” She’s going to Judson Baptist Church every Wednsday from 9-noon. They stay in ’till 2, but I’m still going to hold on to those long afternoon naps as long as I can, so I get her home before naptime! The first day she could have cared less that I left. The last few times, she screams bloody murder for literally 3 seconds and then is perfectly fine. Seriously–I leave the room and before I pick up the pencil outside the door to sign her in, she’s quiet and happy. Way to break a mommy’s heart when I have to pry her off of me, but I know she loves it as soon as I’m gone! She’s done all kinds of cute pictures–I love putting them on the fridge!

Moving on to Papa and YiaYia’s swimming pool…I mean, waterfall! The guy that did this also did all of the landscaping at the Nashville Zoo–he’s an incredible artist, and made the whole waterfall so it’s kid-friendly–Clara LOVES it.

Belle just checks it out…

My cousin Rhoda and her hubby Dave came to visit for a weekend…we hope they’ll come to stay! We had a great time with them, and of course, spent time just chilling around the waterfall!
We did, however, go to the zoo, and the meerkats were a hit!

For Father’s Day, Clara painted rocks for her Papa D, Papa and Daddy to use as paperweights. She had so much fun painting them–it was a hot, hot day and I was busy doing a yard sale since I promised Nathan I’d get all that junk out of our garage. It went well, but temps were in the high 90s and I was ready to call it quits at 2!

This month was the time for birthdays…mine on the 2nd, Nathan’s on the 3rd, our nephew Caleb’s on the 16th–Happy 14th, Caleb–your present will be coming soon, I promise! And last but certainly not least this month was Grammy! We all went out to a friend’s cabin and sang karaoke and had amazing BBQ shrimp and salmon made by Papa D, of course!
Grammy and Clara and Nathan hammed it up with the microphones. Clara is NOT shy! I LOVE that she’s at the point that she’ll sing along–this is just too cute!

Clara had fun walking over all the Logsdon men when we were over for dinner one night. Grammy even walked across them!

She then had to inspect their faces, just to make sure she didn’t injure anyone…The last weekend in June ended with a mini family reunion on my Mom’s side. By Sunday we had my Great-Aunt Jimmie, her daughter Beth, my aunts Margie and Jean, and my cousin Andy and his wife Rebeccah. Quite a crowd, and we had a great time visiting with everyone! Just so happens Beth lives in Orlando and has a wonderful son who works at Sea World…do I hear a vacation coming on?? 🙂

All the ladies–Aunt Jimmie, Aunt Jean, me, Beth, Mom, Aunt Margie.

Aunt Jean and Clara taking a break in the big chair at the Factory.A few of Clara’s favorite things right now…for a while, she said “huh?” after everything. Thankfully, that phase is getting old, and the new one is “that be good” or “that be okay” for everything. It’s pretty dern cute.

Additionally, she always wants to look at “sometin in der”–which means the fridge or the pantry for more food. And when she’s having a tantrum, it’s all about “I don’t want it!” and you have no clue what “it” is.

Her favorite thing is “mommy beans” and although it used to just stand for Edamame beans, we have a teepee in our back yard made out of bamboo with peas and other veggies growing up it, and Clara loves to eat the “mommy beans” (peas) off of that. So much so, that our poor peas are dying…

Clara also loves books and stories. Her Daddy is the best storyteller ever (although he came from a long line of great storytellers, I think). She LOVES his made-up stories and also the classics. He told her all about the three little pigs…but apparently she just really liked the beginning:

So, another long post, and two more months gone! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. We’re eagerly awaiting our new addition…some days eager, some days, happy to wait, but either way, she’ll come soon, and Nathan and I are loving our crazy family!

I hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July!